May 6, 2009

In response to Qubad Talabani’s comments about Kurds in Diaspora! - By Delovan Barwari

The great majority of Kurds living in the Diaspora are those who not only sacrificed their lives, but the lives of their family members.  In majority, the Kurdish exiles joined the revolution because of a deep sense of patriotism, and a strong belief in liberating our beloved homeland, Kurdistan, from the hands of oppressors.

Kak Qubad, I command you for providing a channel of communications and directly engaging your fellow compatriot Kurds.  In your blog you stated that the Kurds in the Diaspora must stop the resentment towards KRG to effectively establish a strong lobby in the United States.  From my own personal experience living in aboard, I have witnessed that sense of nationalism is extremely high amongst the overwhelming majority of the Kurds living outside of Kurdistan.  However, in many ways this sense of nationalism has been suppressed as the great majority of the local party representatives and community center leaders are completely unqualified and incompetent when it comes to leading and communicating effectively. In fact, they have been an obstacle to the progression of lobbying here in the United States. 

Furthermore, at the third annual conference of Kurdish American Youth Organization in San Diego, California on April 18th, 2009, you stated within your speech, that you should not be concerned with what takes place in Kurdistan; but should be concerned with getting involved and organizing a strong lobby in the U.S. Well, I certainly agree that we must establish a strong and effective grass root advocacy and unite in order to influence U.S. policy. However, I disagree with the notion of not worrying about what takes place in Kurdistan.      

Kak Qubad, we are the sons of Peshmargas; we are the infants of Aylul and Gulan; we are the children of Halaja, Gellye Bazze, Anfal and Rapparin (Serhaldan).  Our childhood memory from war and the experiences of being oppressed is embedded in our blood; we have always stood behind our nation and we will always do so. Supporting our nation and getting involved is an obligation of every Kurd to its nation. As we all have obligations of supporting the Kurdish cause and standing behind our nation, our leaders have obligations to the nation as well. It is extremely disappointing to hear about KRG’s decision not to allow the Kurds living in the Diaspora to cast their votes in the upcoming election scheduled for July 25th. How would such decision affect the psyche of your fellow compatriots and encourage their engagement?  What type of a message is that to the families that sacrificed their lives and gave martyrs? 
Perhaps you should influence KRG to reverse their decision and allow the Kurds in Diaspora to cast their votes to effectively gain their support!

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