May 11, 2010

Support the nomination of Fellow-Kurds to high profile foreign posts - By Baqi Barzani

The unprecedented nomination of Nadhim Zahawi, a Kurdish fellow-citizen in the UK parliament is definitely the cause of pride and honor for Kurdish nation.

Another luminous political character, a noted intellectual, an untiring champion of Kurdish rights residing in the United States is Mr. Steve Tattai. Mr. Steve Tattai has lately proclaimed his candidacy for the upcoming election in the US congress and necessitates being extended full individual and government support. His personal contact and financial institution information has been provided in one of his recent posts and every one is urged to do his/her part to subsidize him in being elected.

More appointment and higher representation in political, administrative and sensitive foreign governments� posts, especially in EU parliament, European nation states parliaments, US congress, US State Department, UN and other numerous powerful institutions and organizations imply a more vocal Kurdish voice and firmer advocacy for Kurdish rights.

Foreign governments, political parties and government-controlled entities seek to influence western foreign policies. They capitalize heavy finances for election campaigns and propaganda means for their respective countries. As we perceive, Iran, Turkey and Syria are attempting hard to bolster their images and expand their hegemony by employing and defraying lobbyists and other advocacy groups in Washington DC to influence US foreign policies in a method favorable most to their interests.

Therefore, propping up Kurdish figures by all means and in every facet is a moral and national sense of duty. The number of Kurdish citizens gaining landslide victories in global political arena is on the rise rapidly all over the world. We need to place more individuals in such high profile positions. Hopefully, it is not far-flung that some day the Noble Peace Prize would also be endowed to a proud citizen of Kurdistan, as well.

Such individuals have held the name of Kurd and Kurdistan aloft and are serving their beloved homeland in the most praiseworthy fashion.


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