May 12, 2009
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Could Rick Stevens be a pretentious Persian Islamic separatist? - By Hataw Sarkawt

Since the previous US administration failed to convinced the world that Iranian theocratic regime is “evil”, the new administration is desperate and trying very hard to prove the contrary in order to build a relationship with Tehran .

To make its case, the national US media is encouraging journalists to find out what is appealing to the American public in Iran and report it. Rick Stevens, an American journalist, visited few Iranian regions and interviewed some people. He did an excellent job in his documentary to high light the beauty, the kindness, and the culture of few regions in Iran . He seemed to have picked up an important cultural concept in Iran , the Taarof.

Taarof is a tradition and those who apply it in their daily life are called taarofi. A taarofi individual in Iran is willing to hide his true feeling and pretend that he or she is pleased with something the other individual might like. In other words, being taarofi means being pretentious. As an example a taarofi person might not have enough resources to pay his bills, yet is willing to invite a friend to a luxurious restaurant and pay for the dinner. If a taarofi person has arachnophobia and is confused why a flag should have a spider sign on it, he or she would interpret it as a tradition of love for animals and pretend respecting such a tradition.

Rick Stevens is not considered a simple minded journalist but an intellectual one. However, he seems to have adopted pretentious behavior to understand Iran . He portrayed Iran as if it was a rich, attractive, friendly and erotic lover. Anybody who sees the description of such a person might dream of making love to her or him. Stevens hides form the American public that the lover is infected with an immune suppressing and life threading virus such as HIV and a humanist such as Dr. Alaei is prevented form finding its treatment?

Stevens focused on few beautiful regions with a rich Persian heritage and economy such as Tehran , Isfahan , Shiraz , etc. Having learned to be taarofi, Stevens closed his eyes on what might be happening in other regions such as Baluchistan , Turkmenistan , Arabistan , Azerbaijan , Gilan, Mazendaran, and Kurdistan . He ignored that the prisons are filed with dissidents. He ignored that non-Persian nationalities in Iran are denied their basic human right of learning and using their own language officially. He pretended that Iran is only a Persian and Islamic nation and separated from the other Iranian nationalities.

With his biased and state approved reporting I am wondering if Rick Stevens could be a pretentious journalist advocating Persian Islamic Separatism from the rest of Iran . Maybe he is advising that non-Persian and secular nationalities in Iran should think about becoming independent form the Islamic Republic. If so, he is doing all Iranians a good service. Once people separate form dishonest and infectious Islamic Republic of Iran, they have a better chance to be treated and build a new Iranian secular federation based on liberty and justice for all.


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