May 16, 2009

Dr. Kartal and Turkish Inquisition - By Kay Azadabeen

Two members of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in Europe, Dr. Remzi Kartal and Mr. Eyyup Daru were arrested via Interpol in late March 2009 in Madrid Spain.

Dr. Kartal was a former member of parliament in Ankara and a founding member of the Kurdistan National Congress. He and Mr. Daru had been granted refuge status in Belgium and France respectively. Although they are released, they have remained under the judicial control of the Spanish authorities. Turkey has been pressuring Spain to extradite these politically recognized refugees, whose mission has been promoting human rights and peace in Kurdistan.

Except for its hostility against the disadvantaged Basks,  Spain is a democratic European country and is expected prioritizing human rights over a short term gain from Turkey, which currently happens to be the most undemocratic and brutal nation in Europe. Spain should have learned from its experience during the Inquisition and the rule of Franco not to ignore the pleas of human rights activists. Kurdish people rely on their humanists and human rights activists such as Dr. Katral and Mr. Daru who are fighting not only the contemporary Turkish inquisition but also other forms of oppression, injustice, and violence in the Middle East.

Silence about this matter, would encourage Turkey and other oppressive regimes in the Middle East to pressure the Western governments to arrest other Kurdish dissidents in Diaspora. Therefore, it is the moral obligations of the Kurds and their friends to demand the immediate release of Dr. Kartal and Mr. Daru, so they can return to their families and friends in Belgium and France respectively. By supporting Dr. Kartal we might take a step in ending Turkish and other forms of Islamic Inquisition.


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