May 21, 2009
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Birth of the Peopledom is Near - By Dr. Fariedun Hilmi

A couple of years ago I put my ideas for an On-Line Real-Time Direct democracy in a book and published it. It contains passages describing the corruption you would get with the current style western political system. In fact this system failed miserably when it was first tried in ancient Greece but was revived by the British after the beheading of King Charles the First in 1649 at the hands of the victors who just like the current Iraqi representatives filled their stomachs and pockets and sat in the place of those who had oppressed them previously gradually growing into an uglier lot than their predecessors.

Representative political systems is all about handing over your opinions, thoughts, needs and requirements to professionals demagogues whose main interest is the betterment of themselves be they individuals or members of groups called parties. In effect you allow one mealy-mouthed sycophant to speak in the name of tens of thousands of people like you believing that the representative is living eating and sleeping with your interests in mind.

No one has heard more about any system the about the “great” British mother of parliament and democratic system. The push-me-pull-me two-party system has been there for half a millennium trimmed and tailored to suit the big interest groups, greedy industrialists and military concerns. Instead of the people calling the shots these are held over the people’s heads in a large variety of ways. The new three-pillar ethos based on Machiavelli-Darwin and Freud is not just for the control of the masses but is practiced by the captains and their entourage indulging in the corruption and inhuman policies throughout the world.

Some people may think these words of mine are old-fashioned and belong to the old-school of politics and that the way forward is a long backward leap into primitive base instinct way of life with “liberal” ideas being the norm. This group who are at the edge of the abyss still make their claims despite the evidence of their eyes and the degeneration of human values leading to more and more crime at home and far worse genocide crimes abroad where the same leaders fear not any political backlash that may threaten their seats and little empires.

The majority of so called liberals and modernists have climbed up on the trend wagon which diverts all attention from the real matters of liberty and freedom to chap thrills and the pursuit of sensual pleasures without any moral or ethical values considered. True libertarians focus on the basic human rights and not the basic human instincts, the thing that distinguishes humans is this fine line between the two. We need only look at flocks of sheep to realise that although their basic instincts are provided for by their keepers they remain without any attempt to break free not realising why they are being fattened. The greatest purpose in the lives of such animals is to satisfy their hunger and procreation needs and that is precisely what the world under the Fourth Protocol is fast turning into. In other words the neo-liberals will be reaping the very opposite of what they claim to be their aim.

The recent revelations of corrupt people’s representatives n the British Parliament is not an isolated phenomenon for it has been well-known in other places and the ironic thing is the great systems of the USA and Great Britain put in power international criminals every bit as evil and blood-thirsty as Adolph Hitler and these in turn installed such an immensely corrupt system as that of current Iraq and now we know how and why this took place.

There has never been a logical or justifiable reason for the Representative Democracy as by its nature it is NOT a Demo-cracy. Clearly it is a system for self-promoting, greedy, corrupt and untrustworthy demagogues who promise what they cannot deliver even if they had the intention (God forbid) or the ruling apparatus allowed them.

By contrast scientists and technologists work with facts and cannot function on lies, deception and cheating as do politicians and some other professions of their ilk because they will be seen to fail and will have no profession or means of living left if they did.

This class of the people have worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to extend the frontiers of knowledge and knowhow and except where politicians and military men have recruited some affording them the research and development funds in return for instruments to keep the masses in toe or to attack and invade other population centres around the word in order to steal and usurp their resources and means of living.

For that reason scientists and technologists are far less likely to be found in politics or building business empires. The fruits of their labour are exploited by the merchants and business peddlers but hardly ever by the originators. As a result scientists and technologists have been relegated to the back rows of the decision-making apparatus and the demagogues are having a field day.

The events of the Mother of Parliaments prove beyond any doubt that a new direct democracy is required where financial considerations do not equate to millions of votes and a true one-man-one-vote system is established. The scientists and technologists have provided the practical means for this without realising it. It is the powerful and global internet which will allow every one to stamp his opinion on the decision-making process and create the progressive liberal and free values that man and his breed can go forward with. The importance of involving everyone at the same level is that no one becomes more important (in the decision making process) than any other and that would eliminate the demagogues, political gangs (called parties) and even Parliament, The birth of the Peopledom is nigh and we will soon be moving towards real-time continuous on-line voting for our governing body and judiciary and thus achieve freedom, fairness and power to the people.  


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