Could corruption offer a path to liberation? - By Hataw Sarkawt

In a heated debate, a few friends were arguing that corruption is the reason why Kurdistan is not yet liberated. They pointed to the disparity between the wealth of the few and the poverty of the masses in Southern Kurdistan . They were surprised when they heard: if wealth is due to corruption, then corruption provides a path to liberation.

Corruption as a way to liberation is a historical phenomenon and might be based on Machiavellian philosophy. Although this might seem bitter, it is an undeniable reality. Brothels liberate the aroused from their sexual needs and casinos satisfy the gambling urges of the player. Nonetheless, both of these types of businesses are based on taking advantage of needy people for one’s own interest.

One might wonder why some wealthy indigenous Americans are in the casino business. Most indigenous people and those with ancient philosophies, often have a naturalistic attitude toward wealth. Such an attitude is free from corruption, greed, dishonesty, and manipulation of others for one’s own interest. Although such a freedom from corruption seems priceless, it has cost indigenous and ancient people their liberation.

Because of their naturalistic attitude for centuries the indigenous people in Americas , Australia , and South Africa had not able to achieve what the Whites accomplished in few decades after invasion of their land. It is not surprising that the wealthiest Native Americans today are the ones that own a casino. If there is any need to liberate the Native Americans, the most likely candidates would be the wealthy owners of the casinos, and not the poor masses.

Some people, who have not heard about the Indian wars, believe that the Bush administration was the most corrupt administrations in the history of the United States . I am wondering, if it would have been possible to liberate Iraqis from the more corrupt administration of Saddam without the corruption of the Bush Administration.

Compared to the Kurds and the Assyrians, other ethnic groups in the Middle East such as Turks, Persian, and Arabs have enjoyed the freedom to protect their own heritage, language, and identity. I am wondering if it would have been possible to do so without the corruption and the wealth of their leaders.

For the first time in Kurdish history, some skillful Kurdish politicians in Baghdad have been able to catch up with their corrupt peers in other countries and so the Kurds is Southern Kurdistan are able to learn their own language and claim their own identity. Maybe through further corruption, they would be able to establish their own country too. If this hypothesis holds true, let’s welcome corruption as the way to liberation. If it holds false, let’s hope we end the corruption first where it hurts us the most: in cities such as Tehran , Ankara , Damascus , Baghdad and other Islamic Centers of Corruption.


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May 25, 2009
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