May 29, 2010
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Ocalan: I am withdrawing because I could not find an interlocutor
Kurdish Info

“What the Kurds are experiencing today is genocide” said Öcalan and added, “There is no sense, no gain and a lack of conditions to continue this process. I am withdrawing from the process after May 31st because I could not find an interlocutor.”

PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan has met with his lawyers. According to information obtained by ANF, (Öcalan) regarding not being able to find an interlocutor for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue, said “I am withdrawing after May 31st. This is not a call for war; I am not starting a war. In its current state the process has no gain for Kurds, for the KCK (People’s Confederation of Kurdistan) or the (Turkish) state. From now on the responsibility lies with the KCK; in fact it lies with the BDP (Peace & Democracy Party) and the state.”

“They are trying to suppress the people. These attacks may increase and continue; precautions must be taken. It is being voiced in many quarters that these attacks and lynches are planned, that they are aimed at suppressing and breaking the will of our people and youth and that they are aimed at preparing society for a massacre. They want to administer a political, social, economic and cultural genocide on the Kurds. There are 1500 Kurdish politicians and hundreds of women and children behind bars. All these attacks are linked to each other and are being carried out by one central power.”

“Do not take this the wrong way. I am not calling for or starting a war. In its current state the process has no gain for Kurds, for the KCK (People’s Confederation of Kurdistan) or the (Turkish) state. They must decide on what they wish to do. (Cemil) Bayik, (Murat) Karayilan, (Duran Kalkan) Abbas and (Ali Haydar Kaytan) Haydar are sincere; they have undertaken and committed to being the leaders of our people. From now on this heavy responsibility lies with them. If conditions change and an interlocutor becomes apparent then I am ready to negotiate.”

“It is important in this period that the Kurds in all four parts (of Kurdistan) strengthen their national unity and come together at a National Unity Congress that can be organised in Erbil. International public opinion, intellectuals and democrats should not view the Kurdish issue as just being an ethnic struggle. The Kurdish Revolution is at the heart of the Middle East. It is not like Palestine or Afghanistan. The results of this revolution will be like those of the French and Russian Revolutions; however unlike them it will be rid of nationalism.”

“My project for a solution is based on democratic autonomy. On one hand democratic autonomy does not conflict with international borders, on the other it rejects global hegemony but does not clash with it. It is a system that protects its own principles without dissolving inside global hegemony (empire). This solution also comprises the principles of Democratic Confederalism. It comprises political, social-cultural, economic, diplomatic and security issues. The resolution of this issue based around democratic autonomy will illuminate the whole of the Middle East and become a model for Italy and Spain. My views regarding the state and hegemony are parallel to those of (Antonio) Gramsci. Whereas Marx accepted the nation-state, I do not. The reason for the crisis in Europe is the nation-state structure and its mentality.”

“Kurds should not accept the AKP’s (Justice and Development Party) false constitution referendum. This change in constitution is a fake step that is being used to cover the political and cultural genocide being implemented against Kurds. Furthermore it is an initiative that will defer and eliminate the chance to make a democratic constitution. The BDP and Kurds can create an alternative against this. They can declare their own constitution and democratic autonomy and take it to a referendum. They can appeal to the people, consult them and give them an alternative choice.”

“There is a fascist oligarchic alliance made up of the AKP, CHP (Republican People’s Party) and MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) against the Kurds.”

“The state must adhere to the laws of war and not target civilians, women and children. The KCK must also adhere to these laws. From now on the PKK can compromise with the state, or resolve the issue; they can also fight like in the 90’s and reach a deadlock. And there is also the possibility that the PKK will lose the war and be eliminated, we cannot know. It is anyone’s guess what will happen when the war escalates. This is why I would like to call on Prime Minister Erdoğan once again. We can resolve this issue amongst ourselves using peaceful and democratic means. Otherwise all the responsibility lies with the AKP government.”


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