May 31, 2009
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Kevin Costner's advertisement and Turkey’s involvement in genocide - By Dr Hoshiar Molod (Saudi Arabia)

"In the morning, in the evening, whenever you need me I got time ...... I don’t mind, I am Pisces, you are a Cancer, better believe that is a sign..." These are the lyrics of the new Turkish airline advertisement
featuring the American movie star Kevin Costner.

Kevin Costner, in the morning or in the evening, whenever you have time, you should read about the Turkish involvement in the Armenian genocide, and about the suffering of the Kurds. Just feel like a star and read about the everyday slaughtering of the Kurds by the brutal Turkish government. You are a star and don't need an advertisement to tell you that. But don't undermine our intelligence, and insult both history and the present, by advertising Turkish products.

In the morning or in the evening, whenever you have time, check out the news about the bombardment being carried out by the Turkish fighting machine in Kurdistan. You will realize that the Kurds are people like any other, who deserve to live a dignified life.

You may be Pisces, but the Turkish government is worse than a cancer that is eating the Kurdish lives. Many superstars like you are concerned about human rights, the rights of minorities and the sufferings of people. Superstars support human rights not only in their own country, but all over the world. It is a given that movie stars are like any other person, wanting freedom, safety and security all over the world. You do realize that in this life you are either Bud or you're a participant [1]. Who are
you in this democracy? 

It is obvious that Kevin Costner, like any other American, has a view on the Iraq war. But if you look more closely in to the Middle East, you will see that Turkey is not much different from Iran in the way that it treats the minorities. Barack Obama marked "the Armenian tragedy" in his speech in April [2]. And the Turkish government didn't even like Obama's sugarcoated phrase, the Armenian tragedy -- even though the European parliament has recognized it as genocide.

The Armenian genocide was a crime against humanity and the world is no longer ignoring that illegal and immoral act by the Turkish government. It is frustrating that in the beginning of the American election, Barack Obama's opinion on the issue of the Turkish government recognizing the Armenian genocide was clear [3]. The fact of the matter is that Turkey has never recognized the Armenian genocide it committed and it is not very far from committing another massacre in Kurdistan.

My plea to Mr. Costner is to boycott Turkish products and to demand that the American government recognize the Armenian genocide and the suffering of the Kurdish nation. The positive effect of the boycott will be to start to move Turkish public opinion towards putting pressure on their government
to treat their minorities according to human rights law.

Turkey is the country that does not allow over 25 million Kurds in Turkey to speak their native language, Kurdish. The Turkish parliament member, Layla Zana, of Kurdish origin, was sentenced to prison for speaking in Kurdish in parliament. Is this the country that Mr. Costner wants to be
associated with?

What I don't understand is the way that an actor would ignore all the problems that Turkey is causing in the region. Can you imagine someone ignoring the holocaust and acting in an advertisement insulting the Jewish nation? I don't think that is imaginable, especially in the USA.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, the Kurds are not only rejected by Turkey as a nation, but are also suffering missiles and bullets. Let it rain, let it snow and let Turkey stop the bombardment of the villagers in the Qandil Mountain in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Every intellectual Kurd in the world was under a misconception that the USA was on the Kurds' side and they would not let the Kurds down. The Kurd intellectuals were correct for a while; however things have changed. The situation changed when the USA took Turkey's side over Kurdistan when kept silent over the Turkish daily bombardments; even though Kurdistan has been America's only ally inside Iraq in this last war.

Kurds feel like that they have been let down not only by the American government, but also by a part of the American nation, represented by Kevin Costner, even though record shows that the Kurds are one of the only true allies of the USA in Iraq. It is also worth mentioning that not a single American life has been lost in the Kurdistan region despite the troubles facing them in the rest of Iraq.

It is clear that the Kurds have been laboring under a serious misapprehension!


1. Huffington Post, Adam Rose, 31st July 2008, interview about the movie
"Swing Vote" played by Kevin Costner.

2. The Miami Herald, 24/04/2009, "Obama marks Armenian tragedy but doesn't
say genocide".

3., Thursday, 17th January 2008, Hillary wins
White House (In dreams of Turkish officials).

Author Biography:

Dr Hoshiar Molod is Kurdish freelance writer and university lecturer in Saudi Arabia, with hands on experience on the Middle East issues.


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