May 31, 2009

Kurdistan Regional Gamblers - By Hataw Sarkawt

KRG leaders are often criticized for their incompetence to promote their people’s ultimate cause. I confess I was not sure what KRG stands for, until I recently received an email from a hotel, which can be summarized to few sentences: “Book a room in our hotel and receive a free night in the future. The hotel reserves the right to alter or withdraw this offer at any time without notice”. I recognized the trickery of the offer and deleted it without hesitancy.

Apparently KRG received a similar offer from an Islamic casino few years ago and without hesitancy paid for a room, signed a contract, and hoped to have a free room later. As soon as I heard that KRG fell for the Islamic ploy, I realized what it stands for, Kurdistan Regional Gamblers.

As addicted and dependent gamblers KRG leaders have put much more at stake than what they have under their control. Without approval of the people in other parts of their greater homeland, the gamblers of Southern Kurdistan have accepted the honorary title of KRG instead of their rightful title SKRG, Southern Kurdistan Regional Gamblers.

Because of its honorary and grandisose title, KRG was fooled to gamble and fall for the advertisement of an Islamic casino. During the marketing stage of building the twin tower of a Shiite-Sunni casino, the KRG paid $140.00 for a room and signed a contract titled 140 to have a free room later. The twin tower is in process of completion despite disagreements of its two main competitive owners. What is common between the two owners is that 140 contract can be altered or withdrawn at any time without notice to KRG.

Since in a game between the gamblers and the casino owners there is only one winner, KRG leaders are strongly advised to quit their addiction, change the name of their association to SKRG, forget their contract with the casino owners, and build a modest home free from gambling and other form of dependency for their next generation.


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