June 8, 2009
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Abolishing Religion for Peace - By Kay Azadabeen

Traditionally the Jungle and Sahara are led by kings and sultans. In a recent visit to the Sahara a new sultan mentioned that he respects the religion of the people there. As I understood from the sultan, the religion per se is not evil but people who use it could be. Interestingly the National Rifle Association has a similar attitude toward weapons. I do not know the relationship between religion, weapons, and evil. However, for the sake of the argument let’s assume religion is similar to weapons and weapons could be used by evil.

Regardless who uses weapons, conservatives tend to value them. Since evil could gain access to weapons and misuse them, liberals tend to support disarmament of good and evil. However, disarming is not easy and so some liberals might side with the evil and make us confused about what to do, especially if they go nuclear.

I am wondering how evil became armed in the first place. Probably without the secret deals by the self acclaimed good that produce and sell the weapons, the evil might have remained unarmed forever.

The king of the Jungle tried very hard to disarm some evils by suddenly holding a weapon on the head of two of them. Although he killed the two, he ultimately failed in his fight as there were too many of them. Since he didn’t get anywhere, it was time to change the strategy, and suddenly we had an agent of change ready to go.

The sultan of the Sahara changed the course, and now hopes by unconditional talking to the evils that they will soften up and turn their weapons in. He might be right; he might be the angel of peace. However, experience shows that evils do not put down their weapon voluntarily. So again we might not get anywhere by talking to the evil.

In order to get somewhere in our disarmament, the good has to start first. In addition we have to understand what evil believes. The majority of people around the world are anything but evil. However, there is always a very small minority among every nation that is evil and could turn others to behave evil. The evils believe they have a supreme race or religion. To prove their supremacy, they try either to eliminate other races or force their religion on others with any means available to them.

The world witnessed how the evils in Europe came to politics and tried to prove the supremacy of their race. Fortunately they went down during the 1940s and the majority of Europeans learned to abolish race as a determining factor in their political affairs.

Now there are some evils who believe in the supremacy of their religion. In order to prevent the danger of the current evils, we need to talk to them with a condition. They need to abolish religion as a determining factor in their political affairs. Then again the good have to abolish the idea of supremacy of their religion first the way they abolished the supremacy of their race. In such a non-racial, secular, and peaceful world there is no need to argue which race and religion is respectable and which one is not. In such a world we no longer ask when we will be free or kay azadabeen.


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