June 13, 2010
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The withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, its impact on the future of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government. - By Dana Berzinjy

The withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and its impact on Iraq and the sovereignty of the Kurdish State.

The Arabs have been fighting among themselves for more than seven years now. The Arabs in Iraq are similar to the Arabs that fight each other in Palestine between Hamas and the former Yasir Arafat’s militia men. The Sunni Arabs under the power of the former Iraqi Government did the same thing in the past against the Shiites and the Kurds in Iraq, and they suppressed for such a long time during Saddam Hussein’s former Government. The civil war it does not happen just to the Arabs but it happened among the PUK and KDP political parties for longer period than the Arabs, but I don’t want to talk about the past which was the worst scenario has ever the world seen. But when it comes to the Kurdish question all the Arabs will get together against the Kurds in order to get their feet firmly on our occupied land.

The Arabs will put all their problems aside and will fight the Kurds. I believe this is Arabs’ custom or traditional culture. Prophet Muhammad said in Arabic ( Nasir Ekhake Zalmen eu mezloomen), it means support your brother if he is oppressor or suppressor. That’s why the Arabs in the past sent their troops to Kurdistan to support the former executed dictator Saddam Hussein. I can prove this, for instance the former Syrian dictator Hafiz Al-Ased sent his troops to fight the Kurds during these years 1961-1970. I have a relative who was a PUK Freedom Fighter, his name is Aladdin Sheikh Ali Basaki, his is from the city of Berzinje originally, and he was a Freedom Fighter in Qeradakh during the Anfal campaign between the years 1987-1988. When the fight broke out between the PUK Kurdish Freedom Fighters and the Iraqi troops, the Freedom Fighters were able to capture 700 Iraqi soldiers as prisoners’ of war and they were taken by Sheikh Aladdin and other Freedom Fighters to the PUK Head Quarter in liberated Kurdish area. He said that many of those soldiers were from Egypt. That’s why they will get together against the other nationalities so quickly; it does not matter if the Arabs are oppressor or suppressor. I would like to provide another example as well, the Arabs of all the countries also got together in 1948’s war against Israel and they fought in opposition to the fresh and a new state of Israel. Even the Arabs know very well that the Jewish people lived thousands years before even the Arabs existed in the area. They know that Palestine is Jewish’s land but still they fought together against Israel. It was not just the Kurds and Israeli faced the Arab aggression, but also the Sudanese and the other nationality in the Middle East faced the same fate by the Arabs. 

The Kurds case was worse, as I have explained it briefly below, and I have shown some different scenarios. The Kurds have faced many kinds of wars that were launched on them for the last 13 centuries. The recent wars that the Kurds saw in the past such as, 1945, 1961-1970, 1974-1975, 1976-1991, the Chemical Bombardment of the city of Halabje on 16th March 1988, and the Anfal Genocide of the Kurds in 1987-1988, by the former Iraqi Regime. The war in 2003 with the former Iraqi Army in our occupied areas, and now with the Islamic Fundamentalisms. I could estimate the total martyrs over all in Kurdistan reaches over a million Kurds.

The Arabs think that just Arabs have the right to live in the Middle East not the other nationalities, and the Middle East just belongs to them. I believe they are mistaken and they are occupiers in our homeland. They are occupiers of the majority of the lands that they are living on now.

After all the wars and genocide that the Kurds faced in the past, the Kurds need to think triple; the Kurds will be orphan after the withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq. What will happen without the protection?

I want to say so many issues are still on papers and they have no values and the Iraqi Government does not want to talk about it, and make themselves dump and blind about the issues that related to the demands of the Kurds. For instance the
Article 140, which is part of the Iraqi’s Constitution, but the article likes a piece of paper, and the Iraqi Governments hasn’t implemented one of the contents of Article 140.

This Article is about the disputed and occupied land by the Arabs in Kurdish lands.

The city of Kerkuk is historically is a Kurdish land and Arabs never lived there in the past before the Kurds. It was the capital of the Kurds long time ago. But the Arabs don’t want to give up on Kerkuk, and insisted that Kerkuk is the city of all not just the Kurds. I want to say this is just a crap. Even the population of the Kurds is more than other nationalities that came to Kerkuk as a migrant, which they were brought by the Ottoman Empire or Islamic Empire, and lately by the other fascist Iraqi Arab Governments. People like Turkmen and the Arabs that came during that time and stayed in Kurdistan, and occupied our holly land, the land of Medes by force and used swords to kill and to take our men, women, children and our belongings. These are the types of people that live on our land and now they declare themselves Kerkuk is their land not ours.

Can any nationalities from the city of Dubai claim United Arab Emirates as their own country, of course “No”? Even the population of Arabs in that city is 2.5% and the other nationalities are the majority. Because they are migrants, and some of the people went there to find jobs, like Persians, Kurds, English, Americans, Indians, Pakistanis and more. Because the United Arab Emirates is belong to the Arabs historically. But why the Kurds can not ask or claim the city of Mosul (Ninawa) which is historically is a Kurdish city and was linked to Iraq during the division of Kurdistan forcibly by British between five countries. 

The Arabs say; Arabs are more populated than Kurds or Assyrians in the district of (Ninawa) that’s why the city of Mosul is an Arab city not the Kurds. Does this make sense? That is the reality of the Iraqi Federal Government. Do the Kurds have gained anything from this game? Even the current Iraqi Government which is now in power in Baghdad did not have a metre of land to hide themselves previously in Iraq during the former Dictator Saddam Hussein. They were hiding in Kurdistan among the Kurds, but at the present time the Kurds have to beg for their rights. It is very funny, to ask Arabs for your rights, even Arabs themselves have no rights and they need to revolt against their leaders in order to gain that.
You always need to claim your rights and never given as a gift, and the Arab countries have not got educated leaders to negotiate your rights. Here I want to say that the first people to blame are the Kurdish leaders because never have their own plans and the Kurdish Freedom Fighters entered the city of Kerkuk and Mosul, but then they left without condition, and the bloods of our martyrs were wasted in our occupied holly land. The land liberated by our Freedom Fighters but then handed over by the Kurdish leaders. This is a huge mistake that the Kurdish leaders did in these cities. Why they left theses cities after they were liberated? The history will judge those people were neglected and the people of Kurdistan should bring them to justice. The Arabisation continued for a long time and Arabs expelled the Kurds, Assyrians, and other nationality in these cities in order to increase Arab population. Arabisation is still carried on by the current Iraqi government in our occupied land.

It’s more than 100,000 homeless Kurds around the city of (Ninawa) Mosul, Kerkuk, and Diyala and including the 500,000 Kurds that were expelled from Baghdad in 1968, even in 1972 and 1975, they were sent to Iran and many more executed by the Former Iraqi Government Saddam Hussein.

The Feili Kurds were the richest people in Iraq, especially in Baghdad and the Saddam’s regime confiscated their assets. The regime did the same thing to the Jewish people in Iraq and especially in Baghdad, they took all their belongings. I believe that now more than the Kurdish lands under the domination of the Arabs in occupied areas than our liberated land. For example Ninawa which was a major centre commercially of the Median Empire and Persian Empire in the 6th century BC, still under the control of the Iraqi Government.

Saddam’s “Arabisation Policy” had changed the demography of all the places in Ninawa. This is just one of the examples’ among other examples that the Iraqi Government paralysed the Article and the other Articles of the Constitution and this issue is still unsolved. There are still scores of issues that are unsolved between the KRG and the Iraqi Federal Government, for almost 7 years but still not much has been achieved or done.

That’s why, I believe that the Kurds should do something about its future, and it’s very difficult to believe in negotiations and peace protocols with the Arab Muslims, due to breaches of so many agreements in the past, for instance the peace agreement between the Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani in 1974. and the former Iraqi Government, after 4 years of the peace agreement, the government launched a big war against the Kurds and the Iraqi war planes attacked the villages and the country towns of Kurdistan in March 1974, at the result thousands of innocent civilians slaughtered in their aggressive attacks.

It is very normal for the Arabs to breach any agreement, when they are in a tight position, they are ready to sign as many agreements as they like, but when they get on their feet very easy to break their word. That is why the Kurds should never ever trust the Arab Muslims in their peace protocols. Now Nuri Al-Malki wants to become the Prime Minister again and Aiyad Alawi on the other hand wants to be a Prime Minister of the next government, and everyone goes to different direction and clutches himself to Iran or Arabia Saudi, Syria and so on.

They are fighting each other for power and money and they all craps. Syria on the other hand wants to revive the dead body of the Arab Baath Socialist Part in Iraq and supports the Sunni Arabs. If you look at the current security situation in Iraq, the current Iraqi Government can’t provide safety for their citizens with out the support of American troops.

Why do the Kurds have to compete for power in Baghdad? If this is the behaviour of the Arabs and lack of trust, and the Kurdish leaders need to look back and to see what happened to the Kurds during prolonged history which was full of genocide and atrocities. Is it that’s the way the Kurdish leaders should lead Kurdistan or this is disaster? They ran to Baghdad for power without organising the Kurds and KRG’s institutions, they left Kurdistan in full mess and corruption, lack of law and order. Kurdistan is still without clean water and electricity for many years and still we have the same problem, except the city of Hewler (Erbil), which America spent $100,000,000 in order to provide clean water to the city of Hewler the capital of the KRG, thank you America for your generosity. How long the other cities in Kurdistan have to wait for clean water, such as the city of Sulaimaniyah?
Election took one day to declare a victory in Australia, but in Iraq after a few months of the election which has taken place, nobody knows that who is going to be a next Prime Minister of Iraq. Because of election frauds by the Arabs themselves, the Iraqi Government can not declare the information precisely even they have all tools and equipments to count the votes and to announce a proper result of the election.

The Kurdish leaders ran to Baghdad during 2003 in order to get seats of power and they left Kurdistan when it was full of corruptions. If you go and visit Kurdistan you can notice easily, what was done for the city of Erbil (Hewler), but the city of Sulaimaniyah is worse than Saddam’s time. I saw the two cities during my visit to Kurdistan in July 2008 and I believe it is still the case.

The previous and current Iraqi Governments have not done anything for the Kurds about Article 140, the case of Helebja, Anfal compensation, oil issue and so on.
This is Iraq’s case and Kurdish scenario, why the Kurdish Parliamentarians are not leaving the Iraqi parliament, before the departure of the American troops from Iraq? After the withdrawal it will be likely that the Kurds will face another war. I strongly believe that the Arabs will get together as usual and will fight us again. It might be too late at that time. The reason is very harsh to believe in the Arab agreement with the Kurds as I mentioned before and even the other Arab States will support the Iraqi Government in order to implement that.

At present the situation is very supportive for the Kurdish issue. There is a Kurdish saying; protection is better than cure. This kind of issues had happened in the Kurdish history in the past for instance, 1974 and the Kurds lost too much out of that. Why the Kurdish leaders have to repeat the mistakes of the past? We need to learn from the mistakes of our history, and this will not be the first time. More than seven years the Kurdish issues are still unknown and skeletons of the Anfal campaign are still in the Arab cities in South of Iraq. Since 2003 the Kurdish leaders are in Baghdad solving the problems between the Arab Sunnis and Shiites and forgot the Kurdish matters. During one of the Iraqi Parliament a few years back the Arabs deleted the term of (Federalism and Democracy) in the Iraqi Constitution, this cheating was one of the Arab tricks to start with. The current and historical indications have proved that the Arabs indicated their brotherhood with the Kurds historically and at the present time. It makes me, strongly believe that the Iraqi Arabs and even the Arabs from the Arabic countries don’t like the Kurds to have a share of the Iraqi Government in any aspect. It is very obvious that our leaders will become illogical to engage and clutch themselves to Iraq.
If the Arab fractions can’t get together and form a government now, and there is always a civil war between the Sunnis and Arab Shiites from one hand and the Islamic Radical such as Al-Qaeda fights the Iraqi Government from the other hand. I don’t believe that the Iraqi Government will last long without the colation or support of the Kurds and Western Countries especially American Military. So at the consequences of all the reasons the Iraqi Government will collapse then the other countries such as Iran and Syria will enter Iraq as they do now by sending terrorists through their borders to fight Americans, Kurds and kill innocent Iraqis. Then the Kurds with the support of Americans and Western countries and other friendly countries in the Middle East can declare its own independence state. The Kurds are the largest nation on the planet without its own state. It deserves to have more than one.


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