June 17 , 2009

Halluja left Iran too - By Hataw Sarkawt

Halluja is a friend from the Iranian Kurdistan.  She was as sweet as a sugar plum, when I said good bye to her on a Christmas night many years ago. Recently she too left her home country and thankfully I had a chance to see her again. She was still sweet. This time her sweetness was more like a natural and ripe little plum, in other words like her name, Halluja. Excited by the turmoil in Iran , she was critical of me and told me that instead of making so much useless noise in Diaspora I should participate in the real movement  for change at home.

I welcomed her openness and said I proudly chose a new home, when I left the old one. I left because people were sleeping there and I couldn’t make any noise at all. Since I couldn’t sleep, I decided to leave and make constant noise in my new home so that even she could hear it and wake up at some point. Now that she and the rest of the people at her home country seem to be waking up, I can take a nap for a while in comfort.

She laughed and said “you are not Cyrus.” You better stay awake like the rest of us. In fact we were more awake than you when you left, but we were realistic and cautious not to open our eyes; when you left we heard you saying I will be back in a month.

I told her every month since then I have been telling myself I will go back tomorrow as soon as people are awake; each time I was told it is too early and people need more sleep. I am not quite sure if they are really awake now.

She said “you are wrong, we have been more awake than you; you left because you cared about your own sleep in comfort more than anything else.”

I concurred and asked her what is wrong with caring about one’s own comfortable sleep. Everyone else was sleeping on rocks and I preferred a comfortable nightly sleep in a bed and a cheerful alertness during the day.

She insisted that she and others were awake despite being put to sleep by the magicians. She thought I was selfish for leaving and invited me to trust the reformists and join them so that everyone else wakes up.

I reminded her that she is in the club of selfish individuals in Diaspora now. I welcomed her to the club and told her that the so called reformists have been making potions for the magicians to keep her and the rest asleep. Now that they lost to the magicians in their games, they pretend they prefer awakening too. In reality they would rather keep everyone drowsy and under control than let them become fully alert adults with decision making capacity. As long as they do not assure us that we are allowed to determine our own destiny, I do not consider them awakened. Meanwhile I wish them full awakening, health, and prosperity so that they let others live a prosperous and healthy life, a comfortable sleep at night, and a cheerful alertness during the day. She wished me the same and we ended our conversation with a smile, a glass of wine, and a hug.


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