June 21, 2010
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Turkish, Iranian aerial bombings inflict heavy civilians, casualties in Kurdistan – By Baqi Barzani

With no respect to international Conventions, for years, Turkey and Iran continue to hysterically bombard South Kurdistan (Iraq) in a wasted effort to provisionally subdue their own sizable Kurdish population. Neither the unfounded Iraqi government nor the United Nation body expressed any observations in regard to the ominously rising civilians, death toll.

The twenty five million Kurds in Turkey and the ten million Kurds residing in Iran are struggling for their most fundamental legitimate and inherent rights. It is worth citing here that they are relentlessly discriminated, ostracized, marginalized owing to their ethnicity and fears by accommodating nations that dismounting true democracy may lead to economic decentralization, liberation and political empowerment of minority groups. The model of South Kurdistan (Iraq) is shaking the foundation of Ankara and Tehran.

Today, Turkish jet aircrafts and Iranian tanks flouted all sovereignty laws by penetrating more than twenty five kilometers in Kurdish autonomous region and withdrew their forces after inflicting heavy civilian casualties. Members of Turkish Special Forces unit reduced two Kurdish villages to rubble in South Kurdistan (Iraq), set them alight and menaced to kill Kurdish villagers if they do not cooperate and share information about the hideouts of PKK, PJAK fighters. Inhabitants of villages were forced to flee. In order to spare the lives of their family members from the indiscriminate killings, they were obliged to desert their possessions behind. According to some reliable statistics, thirty five civilians, mostly children and women, were killed only in the last two days.

After decades of habitation demolition and smoldering in flames inflicted by former Iraqi dictator (Saddam), Kurdistan barely could dispose of some of its environmental, air and water contamination issues that mainly stemmed from the eight- year long chemically-waged Iran-Iraq war. Apart from the tens of thousands of Kurdish victims still subsisting with permanent mental disability, physical incapacitation, incurable burns and paralysis symptoms, the enormity of damage is so grave that it might last decades for Kurdistan to recuperate. Part of Kurdish Regional Government reconstruction efforts has been investing heavy funds in trying to revitalize the perished wild life, farm plantations. However, the wreaked damages are estimated in hundred of billions, something absolutely out of KRG fiscal capacity.

Since 2003, South Kurdistan (Iraq) has relatively enjoyed a laconic period of quietness and stability. Mournfully, regional aggressor states (Turkey and Iran) are threatening Kurdistan with their expansionist ambitions and struggling to turn it into a proxy battle field for their own economic, political, military ends. Turkish and Iranian war planes are dropping poisonous and chemical bombs on green Kurdish mountains to annihilate any sign of human existence. From the very inception of US military liberation, regional countries have never held good intention in aiding neighboring Iraqi to advance. South Kurdistan (Iraq) is key to achieving victory for US forces in war on terrorism, especially now that Turkey is regressing toward Islamic world and attempting to bolster ties with Axis of Evil. Turkish or Iranian jets can not intrude Iraqi airspace without being given green light. Neighboring Iraq and Turkey are plundering Iraqi human, territorial and economic resources. If not  curbed, It is not far to predict that an Iranian-style Shiite uprising may emerge in South of Iraq at any split second.

When a nation comes under attack, as the ultimate resort, especially after all diplomatic efforts are exhausted; it is generally the principle for armed forces to intervene to contain the bedlam. For years, our defenseless nation is being intimidated by a set of hostile neighboring states that overtly deny our existential right. The spokesman for Peshmarga forces has not offered any concrete briefing to public, our Peshmarga forces have not portrayed any reaction to such offensive aggressions, and we are all in anticipation of our commander-in-chief i.e. the president of Kurdish Regional Government to issue a directive?  If the government is unable to curb such injustices, it is the general public who should voice their objection by resorting to non-violent means.

The Kurdish genocide has not come to an end. It lingers on. The only disparity is that some repudiated it formerly due to their lack of knowledge. And now it is being repudiated with full public knowledge.


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