June 22, 2009
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A Kurdish view on the Iranian Uprising - By Kay Azadabeen

One might wonder why we do not hear much about the Kurdish views in the media in regard to the election in Iran. The media is usually serving the establishment. Although the Kurds are the most ancient Iranians, they have not been part of the establishment and their views are irrelevant to the media inside and even outside of Iran.

Most Kurds have doubted the legitimacy of the faith based regime in Iran since its establishment. The general tendency in Kurdistan is to avoid any participation in the Iranian election which is based on supremacy of the faith and the sect of the Muslim-Persian minority. Most Kurdish people who could boycott it, refused to participate in the election. Those who had to have a stamp on their identification card might have voted for one of the four candidates.

The four approved candidates were among the architects of the Islamic system. None of them showed any interest in making Iran the home for all Iranian ethnic groups and national and religious minorities. Three of the candidates lost to the incumbent president. The actual slogan of the president has been death to everyone except for the followers of Mehdi, his savior. The overwhelming majority of the voters including the dead ones had voted for him. Apparently the number of the legitimate voters was more than expected in some areas. Only the fraudulent use of the identification of the deceased voters could explain the discrepancy. The main losing candidate had refused to accept the results. He thinks that only the votes of the living Muslims in Iran should be counted and started a green movement.

I first thought the new opposition leader might be an environmentalist, but I was wrong. The color that he chose is consistent with the color of the founder of Islam and his descendants that are called saints or sayeds. The sayeds are thought to be more peaceful and might believe the incumbent president is going too far. They might think the continuation of the policy of hatred and hostility toward the world would end the theocracy. They might think some loosening of the chains in the name of democracy might prevent a total rejection of Islam in Iran.

However, Islam and democracy are incompatible. The most important country that is ready for democracy in the Middle East is Iran for having gone through the experience of what it means to have a pure Islamic state. The previous US administration could not challenge Iran and tried to impose democracy on Iraq and Afghanistan with partial success. On one hand, the new administration realized that the cost of war to spread democracy is too high. On the other hand the green movement in Iran recognizes the weakness of the Americans and hopes to be supported by them.

The US tends to stand behind whoever has the power, and in the case of Iran they have not found any powerful ally. None of the real Iranian opposition groups whether socialists, mojahedins, monarchists, Kurds, and other nationalities have shown to have the power to change Iran. Since the US this time hopes for a peaceful change, they might have made some indirect promises to Iranian reformists. The reformist might be able to deliver what other opposition groups have not been able to do in terms of leading an uprising toward democracy. So far they have shown they can lead an uprising, but they still have not proven they can lead a democracy in Iran. So far they only have endorsed the choice of Persian-Muslims in Iran.

If the leaders of the green movement recognize the past inhumane policies of Islamic Iran and apologize for them, they have a great potential to change their country and the region. Their success primarily depends on acknowledging that the Mosque and the state should be separated. They need to assure that believers and non-believers can participate in the build up of their country regardless if they are socialists, liberals, monarchists, mojaheds etc. They need to apologize to the Kurds and other nationalities and assure them that their language is as official as the Persian language. If they reach such a level of maturity, they might work toward a progressive and democratic federation consistent of all Iranian nations, a federation that could spread beyond the current borders of Islamic Iran. If they fail to do so, I hope the Kurds in Iran rise up and declare an independent state, the way Qazi did. Such a state then could be a refuge for all other Iranians who need to escape form the brutality of the regime in Tehran until the rest of Iran becomes democratic. Meanwhile I wish the people in Iran who have risen up and lost their loved ones for freedom much success. Your loved ones are the loved ones of every free thinker.


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