June 22, 2010

Gorran movement: ready to expand while
confidence kicks in - By Mufid Abdulla

After one year in survival mode, the Gorran movement must be ready to expand as the confidence kicks in. The Gorran movement is busy with its first infrastructure of a party political programme. This is a basic necessity for the party which is absolutely crucial. This programme will set the path from which all future decisions flow. They have to establish a coherent and credible sense of direction. The triumphs of the first programme stay with them and so do the disasters.

The PUK was founded in June 1975 on the basis of the failure of Mustafa Barzani’s movement in 1974, in which the Shah of Iran, with Algerian mediation, managed to bring Saddam to accept all of the Shah’s point in March 1975. Subsequently, the Shah of Iran cut off all supplies to the Kurdish movement in 1975 and eventually the struggle collapsed within a few days rather than weeks.

The brutal pressure on the Gorran movement from both ruling parties has failed to dent the confidence of the movement. As it came out last month, the Gorran movement has established itself as a political party with KRG permission. Therefore, the Gorran movement’s preparations for the structure of the organisation is paramount to grasp this pivotal moment while the PUK has failed to achieve any changes in the third Conference in Sulaymaniyah, which lasted almost two weeks. The PUK has advocated the features which fit most styles of party politics. Jalal Talabani has been the general secretary of the PUK for the last 35 years and all of the politburo members have a similar history. The PUK should realise to some extent that change will happen naturally, with regards to the global economic and political situations.

The Gorran movement faces an unenviable task. They should put emphasis on clearing all the inheritance from the PUK, such as the aspects which are seen in most styles of leadership: “monopoly of power”, nepotism, corruption. Nobody will pretend these legacies do not exist inside Gorran. All that has changed, Gorran is a party and has 25 seats in Kurdish parliament and 8 seats in the Iraqi national assembly. Gorran have the opportunity to re-establish their position as the party of big government. This might look like a distant prospect at present but it can be achieved. People are fed up with the old style of the two ruling parties which have misled this nation heartlessly for the last two decades. Gorran should always praise their real friends and not underestimate their enemies who are always plotting their next move.

In the meantime there are things that the Gorran movement can do:

  • 1.The structure of the organisation should reflect the global change married to internal social progress in Kurdistan and an emphasis on social classes in urban cities. The main programme should be advocated by the majority of the first conference which should elect the national executive party. That should be on a yearly basis. This project should not be hindered by any excuses.
  • 2.For the moment Gorran, enjoying the luxury of opposition, are challenging almost every KRG plan. However, this strategy bears risks too.
  • 3.The Gorran leadership should not allow the reformists (PUK leaders defected to Gorran in 2009) to have any role or responsibility as such. Eliminating them is not a realistic one! There are perils in the parallel. This is an opportunity to prove that Gorran has the maturity to set the country on the road to a new style of party politics and change the mindset of people about politics.
  • 4.The Gorran movement delights in blaming the KRG for all our woes. Soon the KRG will ask Gorran “But what would you do?” Short term opportunism won’t get you there. Gorran need to play for the high stakes. The gain for the moment is on Gorran’s side. Nawshirwan Mustafa has to seize his defining moment.


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