July 1, 2011

My tribute to the leaders

A poem by Bachtyar Ali – Translated by Ardalan Hardi

You are very charming.
Like sparrows you shit on the truth every morning.
You are very grand.
Like doves you shit on the moonlight at night.

This is your gift:

A nation that desperately runs away from you;
a nation that borrows a thousand legs,
walks into a thousand fires,
solicits a thousand wings,
crawls on a thousand finger nails
over a thousand foreign lands;
a nation that gives its life
in a thousand storms, a thousand jungles, a thousand seas,
it fills its pockets with the raspberries of all other nations,
bows to a thousand seamen, guides, astrologists.

For the first time, you made it possible
For hell to be more beautiful than heaven.

You gave us a sea of ashes and told us: This is light.
You poured sand into a glass and told us: This is wine.
You dressed-up the devil and told us: This is God.
You fed us malice and told us: This is freedom.

For the first time, you made foreign lands
more desirable than home.

This is your gift:

A nation that begs the wind to bring it closer to the ocean;
a nation that leases hell,
decorates judgment day,
counts coffins,
distributes death over the twilights,
is happy with every Drug war
Endures whatever drug he is plied with

For the first time you made the devil
more beautiful than God.


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