Kurds brawling Kurds!

Kurdishaspect.com - By Baqi Barzani

After six year of rupture in ties, out of the blue, Massod Barzani, the president of South Kurdistan (Iraq), dubbed a tribal leader while ago, receives a bravura official invitation from the Turkish officials in the capacity of a president and summoned to the capital city for bilateral talks on various issues.

Barzani characterized the nature of his visit as normalizing relationship with a neighborly, key ally and boosting trade and economic prospects, however, the fact of the matter utterly indicates on the opposite.

Posed a question by a Kurdish journalist, he refutes the fact that Turkey and Iran attained prior authorization for their daily bombings, killing innocent civilians and expelling them forcibly out of their lodgings. The question of Turkish, Iranian jets intruding the airspace of North Kurdistan (Iraq) is not a rocket science. Americans have set up Forward Operating Bases (FOBS) along all Iraqi border lines and are monitoring every move with superior satellite systems. They have installed surveillance and espionage apparatus all over Iraq, and are conscious of the slightest occurrence. The increasingly competent Iraqi Air Force has been supplied with enough highly-developed technology to be able to detect any intrusion. Perhaps, our military needs to garner more intelligence on Iraq’s alarming military capabilities.

During Barzani late visit, Ankara had prepared a listing of expectations in reciprocation for economic incentives and partial diplomatic acknowledgment of his rule (KRG), among which binding cooperation in confronting PKK was the first proviso.

No more than 24 hours elapsed from his comeback, our president overtly denounced Kurdistan Workers’ Party or (PKK) rhetoric and actions, trying to distance himself and indirectly enticing public to disparage PKK. The unexpected denunciation was very highly eulogized by Tehran and Ankara that in the next day, Turkish trade minister hurriedly flew to South Kurdistan (Iraq) for apparent talks on trade affairs.

In view of bilateral trade income amounting 9 Billion and continuing to skyrocket, growing antagonism of Iraqi central government, US firmness on drawdown plans, an already existing trilateral US-Turkey-Iraq treaty against PKK in effect, the vilification of PKK in the terrorist list, prodding from the United States and most vitally salvaging the status quo in South Kurdistan (Iraq) for the 6 plus million Kurds, the president was not left with plenty of alternatives. However, the commends he couched regarding other Kurdish political parties striving to achieve the trodden rights of their own people for decades was a big blunder that he could have easily avoided.

Kurdish Regional Government already enjoys broad international recognition. Prior to his visit, world consulates, institutions, trade companies were already represented in South Kurdistan. Turkey has already alienated herself from the west and there was no need for the president to compromise. As for further enhancing the economic state of South Kurdistan (Iraq), the adjacent neighbors are more poverty-stricken and dependent. With another round of sanctions enforced, Iran is on the verge of economic collapse. The rapprochement effort more seemed like personal trade self-indulgence and seeking more popularity for his KDP party than attempting to gain something for the nation.

Today, Turkey touts economic integration with South Kurdistan in a bid to distract our focus from the issue of Kirkuk and ward our leaders off from contemplating about our independence. The pledge of economic benefits seems like an innovative, effective stratagem designed by Ankara to exploit Kurds versus Kurds.

Kurdish olden times are overflowing with betrayals, struggles, resistances, uprisings, and triumphs. In every up-and-coming opportunity in any part of Kurdistan, the mere motive the enemies succeeded in failing us was by dividing us. The same picture is being replicated. Without receiving aid from Kurdish Regional government, Turkey will no longer be able to undermine Kurdish struggle in North Kurdistan (Turkey), nor will Tehran succeed in collapsing our Republic of Mohabads in Eastern Kurdistan.

We are and we should continue to advocate Kurds in any part of Kurdistan as we have.  Undermining any part of Kurdistan insinuates undermining Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and undermining Kurdistan Regional Government means destroying any optimism for every part of Kurdistan. Our cooperation with Turkey, Iran, and Syria in repressing our fellow-Kurds is a betrayal to our nation.  It might for the interim serve one part of Kurdistan, but in the long run, it will destroy all parts, especially now that all of them are in pathetic position. 

Expressions asserted by our leaders even though not truly purported, can bear devastating negative impacts as it was the case with Barzani’s remarks being promptly published in Turkish and Iranian state-owned press. The mistake that KDP committed in 1996 (Embracing Saddam in) is still regarded a black blemish, tainting KDP’s credibility.

Actions taken and words articulated affect our destiny. Sometimes political parties try to empower their respective party’s status by offering compromise at the expense of their nation. They overlook the interest of the overwhelming majority of people. It is the people who should remind their parties of their wrongdoings and it is the very people who should also be prone to face the consequences from the criticized parties.


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July 2, 2010
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