July 3, 2010

Arbitrary arrest of Kurdish civilians on the rise in Syria - By Baqi Barzani

Syrian security forces have staged a covert arrest-and-disappearance operation against its own Kurdish minority population, aimed at quelling the critics and regimes’ dissidents.

So far, more than 630 Kurdish nationals have been arrested in diverse cities (Halab, Damascus, Raqqa, Hassake and Kamishli) for unspecified reasons. Human Rights Watch Groups have expressed alarm at the unduly growing number.

The government implicates the detainees with false link to other Kurdish political parties, providing material support and separatism charges. Most of the detainees constitute the underprivileged civilian families living in rural areas. These accusations are totally baseless and politically motivated.

According to Syrian National Security Directorate, the largest intelligence-gathering and internal security organization in the country, it was a coordinated, simultaneous operation all over the country.

Turkey has long accused Syria of supporting Kurdish fighters in that country. In a bid to further improve its relations and convince Akkara, Syria resorted to systematic arrests, violence, terror and subjugation against its own Kurdish ethnic minority. Both countries signed a military cooperation agreement in 2002, and military cooperation has drastically burgeoned between the two states.

The United States has labeled Syria as “Axis of Evil “for actively aiding terrorism and seeking weapon of mass destruction. Syria continues to support Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Shiite group, as well as other major Palestinian groups, Hamas.

Human Rights Groups have also condemned Syrian Security force’s incessant commitment of numerous and serious human rights abuses including arbitrary arrest and detention, torture in detention, prolonged detention without trial, fundamentally unfair trials in the security courts, and infringement on privacy rights.


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