July 6, 2009
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The KDP and PUK coalition in this election cannot prevail - By Mufid Abdulla

It is amazing how many leaders from the two ruling parties in this election are acting in contrast to the rules and regulations of campaigning which have been drafted by The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC). On a daily basis, the opposition parties are lodging so many complaints in respect of the breaching of the rules and regulations by the two parties KDP and PUK. These comprise the following:

1. The PUK and KDP have managed to put their people as staff to work in the polling stations.

2. The two ruling parties are using all the assets, plants and machinery in the local councils for their election campaign purpose.

3. The KDP in Arbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government, are knocking on each and every household door and asking them who they are voting for.

4. The posters, signs and flyers from all the opposition groups have been taken down from the walls and destroyed by the two ruling parties.

5. The PUK and KDP control all the public places and halls in all the cities and towns of Kurdistan and do not let any opposition parties use these venues for political rallies. At the same time the PUK have used Azadi Park for their political rallies which is organised by Barham Salih.

6. The police and local security apparatus are no longer neutral in this election; the two ruling parties are dominating them.

Finally, the IHEC has fined the Kurdistan List 3 million Iraqi dinar for the reasons above. However, the rules and regulations of the election process are still being breached by KDP and PUK adherents.


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