July 6, 2009

Jalal Talabani:  Can he turn back time? - By Mufid Abdulla

In the election campaign Talabani is one of the most enthusiastic figures inside the PUK to defend the Kurdistan List which is lead by the two ruling parties PUK and KDP. During his visit to Halabja on Wednesday 1st July 09 he received and noticed a poor reception amongst the people, and this was the reason Talabani did not stay for more than 10 minutes and used the heat-wave as his excuse. This time, the election is dominated by the more powerful opposition groups, a fact which is unprecedented in a Kurdish election. Talabani as before has promised the people of Halabja so many things including housing, education, health, roads, electricity, adequate wages … These promises do not change the world of Talabani because they are only words and not action, the people of Halabja have heard so many over the last decade. Talabani is trying to adopt a desperate strategy. Well, the PUK is certainly in desperate trouble, especially regarding the current state of corruption.

This 2009 election is different from the one we had before. The majority of people are conscious about what has happened over the last eighteen years. Public services, with patchy provision and wasted money, have not improved under the two ruling parties. PUK leaders have realised that there is a very poor background for argument with the opposition groups, especially with regards to The Change List which is lead by Nawshirwan Mustafa. If the PUK and KDP are to fight back then politics, including our economic / banking system will slip back towards a grubby comfort zone and a generational chance will have been lost. Therefore, this time the Talabani family and party can not survive and will not win comfortably


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