July 9, 2009

Help change along! - By Simko Azad

Diaspora Kurds proudly tell people they are from Kurdistan, a country which may not be on any official map but which exists in the minds, hearts and souls of Kurds throughout the world.

Many of these Kurds had never said ‘I am an Iraqi’ but when the Iraqi government held its parliamentary elections it allowed the Kurds a vote, so thousands of Kurds stood in ques from London to Sydney to send Jalal Talabani to the Iraqi presidency.

However now we have elections in Kurdistan the same leaders who encouraged us to travel miles leaving family and work commitments to vote in the Iraqi elections have denied us our vote, our voice and our Kurdistani identity.

Why? Simply as they are scared that diaspora Kurds could not be coerced like our brothers and sisters back home. They knew Kurds in London would not fear being sacked like our brothers in Slemani for voting Gorran (change), they knew Kurdish students in Nashville would not fear being failed in their end of year exams for voting Gorran like in Hawler, they knew Kurds in Stockholm would not fear being assaulted for voting for Gorran like they are in Duhok.

Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani are attempting to silence the Kurdish voice outside of Kurdistan.

What can we diaspora Kurds do? The answer is many things; we can organise ourselves and prepare to give the Kurdish leadership a message in next years Iraqi elections, we can organise ourselves and raise funds for the right people in Kurdistan, as the Gorran movement does not have infinite funds stolen from Kurdish people like the Kurdistani list. We can organise ourselves and spread the message to our people back home to go forward and to embrace change.

For anyone interested in helping the movement for change and helping the Kurds back in Kurdistan who struggle everyday against tyranny please contact the following:



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