July 12, 2011

In response to BBC Persian defamatory statements - By Soran Khedri

On 11th of July 2011 BBC Persian published a report on its homepage with regards to the allegations made by the Iranian officials that Kurdistan Regional Government is providing PJAK logistic support and hosting them in its territories.  BBC Persian proclaimed that “PJAK has stated that they are branch of PKK, or they are relying on PKK [Kurdistan Worker Party].  Such allegations are baseless and irrational. Further point which is important to be highlighted is use of force by PJAK. Islamic regime of Iran always tried to express its self to international community as victim of foreign States and systematically through its media and proxies everywhere distorted the facts on the ground by proclaiming that it’s the PJAK that uses violence or force against its Revolutionary Guards. I could say unfortunately Medias all over the world take regime’s allegations as the key source in their reports about the affairs in that country. Self defence is inheritance and fundamental right of all individuals and peoples.

Kurdish democratic movements always adopted peaceful and democratic method to solve Kurdish question, however, the oppressed states, particularly Islamic Regime of Iran with aim of cultural, linguistic and physical destruction of Kurds responded aggressively and violently to the legal, legitimate and democratic demands of Kurdish people.

The recent allegations are sign of regimes intention to start massive military operation against Kurdish people. After the general election in Turkey which the Kurds won 36 seats in Turkish parliament, Islamic regime intensified its operation against Kurdish people in all social, economic, political and cultural aspects. Whenever Kurdish question came close to peaceful solution in Turkey Islamic regime heightened its pressure on Kurds in Iran with the aim to block peaceful solution of Kurdish question in Turkey. Because the Kurdish question is the only reason behind the Turkish and Islamic regime’s close cooperation and the main point which kept Turkey on regimes side. Islamic regime is of knowledge that if Kurdish question to be solved peacefully its coalition with the Turkey will come to end which results to further isolation of the Islamic regime internationally.

We have to ask why the Iranian regime made such allegations on 11th of July and it’s important to identify the political motivation behind the allegations.  It was a message to Turkey to tell that they are fighting Kurds and jointly they could destruct Kurdish nation. See Link provided below.

This is the email which I sent to BBC Persian today:

Dear. Sir/Madam

First of all it is important to highlight an important Legal point with regards to the Islamic regime's statement. Article 2(4) of UN Charter which was elaborated into 1970th Declaration states that (States [Must] not use force against people who are claiming self determination or independence. Kurds from the beginning never claimed that they want to establish an independent Kurdish State. Self determination is right of all peoples according to International Human Rights Conventions and UN Charter. Use of force and violence against people who are claiming self determination and democratization of Iran, is international community's legal obligation to defend the oppressed people and demanding the contracted party to cease violation of its international obligation. As far as the International community (UN) is silent and does not perform its obligations, people have a right to defend themselves, their physical and cultural existence.

PJAK is a political Party founded with the aim to make dramatic reforms within the Iranian society, particularly Kurds. if Kurds could practice their legal rights under the Iranian constitution or international conventions which Iran is Party too, we believe no one wishes to hold a gun to defence his/her existence from the brutality of the Islamic regime.

however, the current situation is imposed upon Kurds by the Islamic regime, because it does not tolerate existence of multi-party system, freedom of speech, freedom to assembly and Islamic regime continuously violet’s International law in regards of Iranian people especially Kurdish rights: for example ( Article 1 of UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities provides that: (States shall protect the existence and the national or ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity of minorities within their respective territories and shall encourage conditions of the promotion of that identity: it continues in sub-Article 2 by stating that States shall adopt legislative and other measures to achieve those ends). unfortunately Islamic regime since its foundation functioned contrary to its obligation as a high contracting party of United Nations. as a result of regime's breach of its obligations, there are two option, either the International community, UN, EU, take effective measure to culminate the present situation of violence which is caused by the Islamic regime, or the Kurdish people have no other alternatives except to benefit from their rights of self defence under Article 51 of UN Charter which permits use of force in self defence.

Kurds have been subjected to most horrendous type of suppression, such as Genocide, Crimes against Humanity and deliberate destruction of their identity, culture and language. Therefore, legally and morally they are obliged to defend themselves.

However, I have tried to explain small part of the reality and show you the other side of the picture.

In your report with regards to the current affairs and allegations made by the Iranian officials: you have misrepresented some pints. 1- PJAK's official name is (Free Life Party of Kurdistan) whereas you have stated Free Life party of Kurdistan-Iraq. Hope it has been a mere error not deliberate. 2- You have stated that PJAK claimed that they are part of PKK, Kurdistan Worker Party, or they are relying on PKK. I can confirm via this email with best of my knowledge that PJAK never made such statements, and if you posses any documents or evidence to support the allegations please release it to us too.

Those allegations are made by the Islamic regime with the purpose to isolate PJAK from the International community and utilize Turkish Lobby in EU, USA to designate OR blacklist PJAK, which the USA did in 2009. We consider the alleged statements as defamation made with the purpose, because i am sure you do not posses the documents to support your statements that PJAK had claimed that they are part of PKK or they are relying on PKK. We expect you to re-correct your report and provide us a copy of it.

Just for your information: under the freedom of information Act, PJAK through its lawyer in USA claimed a copy of the documents that the Treasury Department used as the basis or source in designating PJAK as terrorist. All the sources are taken from Iranian Revolutionary Guards sources and Media's such as Fars News Agency, Tabnak. If your documentary sections wishes to make a program on it I am ready to publish all the documents to the public opinion, and show the relation between Iranian Revolutionary Guards and USA government [Obama Administration].

Terrorism is controversial legal point, and till today there is no comprehensive definition of it that all the states agree with. Each state defines terrorism in the light of its political, economic interest. But several elements are common. For example use of violence against civilians, suicide bombing, and destruction of properties with the aim to spread terror among the civilians. Who could provide me single evidence that could proof that PJAK since its foundation ever used violence against civilians? I will be very happy to if any one could provide me a document or evidence with that regard.

In conclusion: I make this appeal to you, when you want to publish something about PJAK, take necessary steps to show the reality to the international community, and especially to the Iranian people. PJAK has its constitution, internal and external program written in Persian and all of you, in Persian section of BBC could read and write Persian, just take few minutes and read it for your information as journalist.


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