July 15, 2009
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TWAM, the Third-World Aligned Movement - By Dr. Fereydun Rafiq Hilmi

To be effective any substance has to be consistent and homogenous. You cannot call yourself non-aligned while containing states whose dictatorial leaders are firmly in the pay and service of your worst enemies. It does not work on a personal level. It does not work on a national level. And it certainly will not work on an international level.

The idea of forming an organisation to serve the interests of the poor and battered nations of the world which had just come out from under colonial occupation after the world divided up into two major power blocks in their bid to grab the fruits of the Second World War, started with a number of genuinely independent-minded leaders of the Third World when it was clear the nations of the Third World needed to group together to protect themselves and counteract the big-polar forces ruling the entire new world. In the struggle for the world resources much of which lied beneath the feet of the peoples of the third and poor world, the Western and Eastern colonial powers trampled upon the interests and wellbeing of the majority of the nations of the world.

President Tito of the then Yugoslavia, Nasser of Egypt and Nehru of India were among those leaders who wanted to form another bloc to serve the interests of the interests of the rest. In 1955 they founded the organisation and called it the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and declared it a neutral bloc that meant they were not for or against any of the two other blocs. Nasser often said in his speeches “We support those who support us and fight those who show animosity towards us”.

Up to the year 2007, the movement had attracted 118 nations out of some 192 of the members of the world organisation known as the “United” Nations.

However, looking at this large NAM membership you would expect it to have a real clout. Unfortunately just like the League of Arab Nations it seems this organisation too has a grand name and no substance or effect on world affairs. The fact that many of its members such as Egypt and Pakistan and India are firmly in the pay and subject to American and/or Israeli dictate is living proof of this. The way this huge international bloc stood by while Tito’s Yugoslavia was decimated, the total destruction of Iraq, the current atrocities by the new Pakistani puppets carrying out America’s dirtiest wars against their own people (just as Saddam did until they got rid of him because he imagined himself to be free and independent President) and last and not least Palestine is another proof that many of the leaders of the Third World are nothing but spoilers in the organisation there to paralyse it and prevent it from taking any effective or radical step against the interests of the western colonial schemes and conspiracies.

Since 1995 this bulky and useless organisation did or could do nothing for President Nasser, ignored the plight of the Kurds (just as the Arab League and Organisation of Islamic Nations) and of course the totally hijacked UN and its Colonial Security Council (CSC).

Many oppressive resolutions were passed in this so called “security” council with the aid and connivance of members of this movement knowing full well that the resolutions were directed against other members of NAM and in many cases their own nations. The UN general assembly should be entirely under the grip of this bloc if only the members were genuinely interests in the declared aims and goals of their organisation.

That brings us to the contradictory goals of the organisation. On the one hand it calls itself non-aligned while on the other its aim is to get more and more members without paying any attention to the conflicting interests of the nations they are supposed to represent. As a white elephant club like its sister organisations; the Arab League and Organisation of Islamic Nations it has been penetrated, its aims blurred and its effect neutralised. More than that, because the intruder states happen to also be the richest and most influential (with the US and West’s backing) the general direction and effect of the organisation are often steered to serve the interests of the west.

Thus, in its current form its existence is detrimental to the good of the goals of the organisation and it should either get rid of the intruders and parasites that have invaded it, keeping only those strictly non-aligned or dissolve itself to form a very much Third-World Aligned Movement or TWAM. The new streamlined or refurbished organisation should then concentrate fully on influencing the UN general assembly first or replacing it when the membership allows and like the western and eastern blocs that have now become a single neo-colonial bloc should always act and vote according to the interests of the bloc only in their dealings with other blocs.

Then and only then will end up with a smaller bloc but everyone knows a small stone is a lot harder to penetrate than a large bucket of slush.


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