Obstacles in campaigning for the Change List

Kurdishaspect.com - By Sheranshi

The Change List is really experiencing how the Kurdistani List parties in every way are trying to hinder our election campaign. For example, when the Change List is trying to open up a campaign office the owner of the facilities receives threats and we are forced out. A couple of weeks ago we moved into a building. But as soon as we put our flags and posters up we were asked to move out again. The owner and his family had received death threats and were too afraid to let us stay.

So we searched for another place. And again when we had moved in and put our flags up the owner told us about threats he had received. The threats were not directed to him directly but to his relatives who then pleaded him to not let the Change List use his building. We in the Change List will not let any threats stop us but we cannot let people who are afraid take any consequences. So now on our third try we were about to move in to our new campaign office yesterday. But again the owner came to us and told us about how his family and relatives had received threats and that he is too afraid to let us have our office in his building.

The Kurdistani List does not have these problems. They use municipal buildings for their campaign although this is not allowed. Also, all posters that the Change List are putting up are within half an hour torn down. Usually children are used for this task... Children were also used yesterday in attacking us. We planned a drive through Zakho in our cars plastered with Gorran posters and flags. But we heard that children with tomatoes were placed on the streets waiting for us. So instead of driving through the main streets in the city we took other roads. The caravan of cars managed to avoid the tomatoes but were attacked by stones...

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July 15, 2009
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