Forget the Attractive Actors, Show Me the Ugly Director - By Dr. Fardiedun Hilmi 

When will the peoples of the world and in particular those of the Third and developing world that policy is not designed like today’s favourite dish which can either be rejected or another dish ordered. Presidents and Prime Ministers in the big powers are servants but contrary to popular belief they serve the establishment which belongs to the real power brokers in control.

Different power blocs have come to a “gentleman’s agreement to share the wealth and resources of the entire universe not just the globe and as such have their strategic goals served by the so called democratically elected president, ruler or whoever. The real government are invisible as such bit are capable government-makers. They are the directors of the play which they put bon both for their own populations (I do not say people because these directors have become so powerful that they could change even their own people).

After some 40 years of political analysis and thinking I have become completely convinced that these few directors are void of any emotions or moral values. In an article “SOS Is there anybody out there” I wrote a few years ago I depicted them as a breed of crocodile-like creatures who could enter the bodies of human beings and just like in the Scifi films of this kind, all our rulers and international organisation directors as well as the media (and especially the media) and all the important institutions have been perverted and occupied.

In the old days when an ambitious person wanted to loot and pillage he would have to recruit huge armies lead them in person and into battle risking life and limb and if he were lucky and determined he would probably end up with some loot and just a few injuries. However human progress in the fields of science and technology became am easy and effective new weapon to achieve greater wealth and looting at no expense of risks to the crocodiles in charge.

I am ashamed as a scientist to say that we and we alone are responsible for the crime of helping the demagogues and sycophantic beings who have no scientific or technical knowledge of their own to make use of the fruits of man’s ingenuity and great logical and technological capabilities to achieve the evil aim of using the nations and resources of the world for cannon fodder to get the small circle of these creatures behind the hidden smoke screens of political process and elections.

The mechanical emotion-less way the actors on the world stage seem to react to world disasters and catastrophes and the ease with witch they send hundreds of thousands of young men and women to fight each other under the pretext of liberation (a euphemism for brutal occupation and looting) or defending “interests and values” in a blink of the eye is testament to this view. This state of affairs needs to be maintained and tuned further to increase in efficiency and not function. Again it is us scientists who prostitute our knowledge and skills for a few dollars, pounds or whatever serving the impersonal and covert operations designed and controlled while we wonder why there seem to be conflict and discrepancies in the logic of events we witness at our “audience” level.

The irony is we can cross the barrier into the unknown and expose its intimate details for we are the masters of Science and logic and not those crocodiles sitting in comfortable palaces enjoying the fruit of our brilliance. For that we need to change the formula. A scientist is not destined to be just a Tyrant’s Chemist woking himself to extinction so that the crocodiles can survive and snap at our flesh and blood always asking for more. I know many of my colleagues do not think that politics is for them and they may be spot on if we consider the current huge section of lawyers and other demagogues who study law not to defend the oppressed or those who have been wronged but to solicit for the highest bidder,

Those who want an easy and cushy existence usually enter into politics and purport to have nothing more dear to their hearts than to serve and represent the people’s interests when in fact they simply want to get rich and influential quick and at the expense of the unsuspecting individuals they dupe into voting for them for 4 or 5 years during which they feather their own beds, forming and forging political alliances which would make them invulnerable and solidly ecure or the rest of their lives while the scientists remains in his lab, factory or in front of his often dangerous toys commissioned by the primitive crocodiles barely making an existence.

Having said it is not my contention that scientists and not lawyers should be the ones to suck the people’s blood; far from it. I am suggesting that scientists and technologists are a different type of human beings who are motivated and powered by the desire for the truth. With Truth, I believe comes, justice and fairness and the disappearance of fear of the unknown and all other human weakness which are being totally and criminally exploited by the crocodiles. A crocodile is not only an ancient primitive animal but is famous for its lack of emotions and normal animal behaviours, It can when hungry gobble up its own young without any basic instincts let alone emotions we see in the vast majority of the animal kingdom some of which are much more recent on the face of the earth. And that style of behaviour I find coincides very well on the directors in whose service are all the presidents and rulers of today’s nations who are chosen for their acting ability and love of deception and pretending. One or two leaders that came from a scientific background demonstrated extra-ordinary abilities to serve their nations but were conspired against and removed, killed or persuaded to leave quietly.

I decided to write this article because I keep hearing people talk about how disappointing President Obama has turned out to be as if they have been caught by surprise and hence do not understand anything about the real scene. The Logical thinker would not have had his mouth water at the thought of a reformed and changed USA and the West by the oncoming of anyone Obama or no Obama. I predict from now that the next president of the US will be a woman. I say this because the establishment is very keen to whitewash the so called Democratic values and are trying to pretend that the system has room for everyone. Beyond he woman prime minister I would not be surprised if an openly Gay or Lesbian President is catapulted into president ship. The crocodiles have come with a ready-made religion of their own and well suited to their primitive character and that is the Fourth Protocol (TFP) about which I have also written before. This new religion is a concoction of Machiavellian, Freudian Darwinism which they have gradually injected into society using their powerful media, access and control of the educational system and deploying psychological techniques of mind forming and brainwashing.

There is no Christian world anymore. It is dead and replaced by (TFP). The starkest characteristic of a demagogue is his ability to misuses and twist the natural laws of logic, in order to make you believe that he is right and you are wrong. It is quite unacceptable for him (or her) to consider global truths and established logical ideas because it may be necessary to doggedly and stubbornly denying them if and when he or she wants to wriggle out of certain commitments made in bad faith in the first place.

If you get involved in the Byzantine kind of arguments were only the detailed or contingent arguments are considered you will miss much of the major conclusions but it just as important to be able to leave great chunks of the logic of ideas as futile when they clearly and strongly suggest a breach of the formal propositional logic.

For example if we conclude that the USA and Israel are co-conspirators (COCONS) in the Palestinian question we can safe ourselves a great deal of analyses and consideration of Ifs and Buts. The COCONS themselves would obviously want you to maintain belief in their good intentions and may from time to time utter certain conciliatory remarks or offer small fry but one would be a fool to take that simple deception as a contradiction of the original tried and tested one and the firm conclusion made before.

From here we see that when you and I are at a bursting point of rage against their policies and behaviour it is important to deal with that tension by introducing a new actor on the stage and slightly change the theme simply and solely to deflate that anger. The irony is that at one stage we had a third rate actor pretending to be a president while more recently we saw a third rate president pretending to be an actor.

Helping the crocodiles are all sort of lower forms in the political arena chosen and hand-reared from among the weak and developing countries whose job it was to promote the underlying (not the declared) aims and objectives of their master. These cheap and nasty extras on the political stage will constantly sing the virtues of their masters and entice the young and vulnerable into accepting the new TFP values and its main mechanism by the name of Globalism ironically similar to Paga values and morality, but lately have been emboldened by the violent and aggressive backing their have received from their masters, allowing them to come out into the open when all they could previously was to deny they were lackeys and collaborators. We are now at a stage where cheating and deceiving of your own people for the benefit of your paymasters is in vogue and many previously hesitant onlookers have no joined the party and doing their best for the new Global order..


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July 20, 2009
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