The inevitability of 'Gorran' – By Rebaz Brusk

Any recent analysis of the political parties in south Kurdistan will show that the major issue currently in south Kurdistan is the demise of the PUK and rise of Nawshirwan Mustafa's movement for change.

Jalal Talabani's power lust has led him to forsake the movement which spurred his rise to the Iraqi presidency. Time and again Talabani has forsaken the good of the PUK and the good of Kurdish society in furtherance to his own personal ambitions and interests. In his contest with Massoud Barzani, Talabani, has lost decisively and as it appears now fatally. Instead of strengthen the PUk's position in Kurdistan by leading it in the fight against corruption, Talabani has adopted barzanist principles and set about turning the so-called 'social democratic' PUK into a carbon copy of the autocratic, power hungry and corrupt KDP.

Talabani's final political mistake was his participation in the Kurdish regional elections as a joint slate with Barzani's KDP. This has reduced the once proud PUK to an appendage to the tribal KDP. From now onwards the official PUK is nothing but an accomplice to the KDP's long struggle for tyranny and the kingship of the sheikhs of Barzan.

Talabani's mistake has allowed the creation of a political vacuum. It has left progressive, patriotic and enlightened Kurds without a leader and champion.

Fortunately for the Kurdish people. Nawshirwan Mustafa has been able to step into this vacuum and reinvigorate progressive Kurdistani citizens. Mustafa, a highly educated scholar with more than 25 books in several languages to his name, is not a run of the mill politician but a herald of the future of Kurdish politics.

Mustafa resigned his post from the PUK in 2006 in disgust at Talabani's corrupt and autocratic rule culminating in Talabani's wing rigging internal PUK elections. Since his resignation Mustafa with the aid of a core group of forward thinking and enlightened PUK and independent personalities has been able to create a powerful media organization. His Wusha corporation has been able to provide a voice to the regions masses of disenfranchised and oppressed people.

Mustafa has managed to forge a new political force in Kurdistan; his Change movement now encompasses all members of the PUK who have not been tainted by corruption as well as massess of Kurds who have never supported the PUK or the KDP. His new coalition grows in strength by the day, just this week, hundreds upon hundreds of PUK members have resigned their PUK membership and declared that they will work for 'Change'.

The success of the movement for Change is now inevitable, the only question is will the KDP and PUK have the grace to bow out for at least 4 years with dignity or will they further bloody their names with violence.


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July 23, 2009
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