July 28, 2009

For our martyrs sake let us all be united and call it win-win – By Harem Karem

Following a fundamental step by “Change List” in our journey toward implementing full democracy in Kurdistan and in particular on 25th of July, the current autocratic, corrupted and incompetent government carried out a significant fraud in Hawler & Duhok as its been mentioned by the international election observers and opposition parties.

The situation is currently critical in south Kurdistan and a nasty riot may occur anytime soon. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has began its systematic and widespread irregularities by turning the election on their favor from 15:30 onward during the election day on 25th of July, particularly in Hawler and Duhok by using several different methods especially in the extended hour of voting such as thousands of Peshmerga voted again while they have been voting on the 23rd of July separately and others have voted without finding their names on the register.

Opposition parties have registered complains of instances of fraud. President Barzani and the Iraqi high electoral commission have been accused directly for being biased and of doing nothing. If however the angry public turn violence during this sensitive time of Kurdistan is political and economical development, without a doubt the history will repeat itself “civil war” will weaken KRG and make it an easy target for the enemies in the surrounding area.

For our martyrs sake let us all be united and congratulates each other regardless of who wins or loses in the election, "Change" deserves congratulations for making such a crucial step in our political history. We should call it win-win election and work hard for a better prosperity and infrastructure in Kurdistan.

Since the opposition parties have won an interesting number of seats in the parliament, surely it can function better this time and find a civilized solution for the current corruption.


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