July 30, 2009

Traumatized and Alienated Physician and Poor and Misguided Patient - By Nihad Bilgin

Recently, there has been a growingly grand-breaking trend among Kurdish intelligentsia to denounce the religion of Kurdish people. Indoctrinated by the false premise of Marx and his successors, the highly elite and untouchables of Kurds have created a road map to arrive the impenetrable mountain of light where they believe the light and salvation waiting over there not only for Kurdish, due to their subordination of ethic, but for all people of the world, a truly enigmatic and figment of the Communist dream to rule the globe without any racial, religious and Mormonism if possible. Their idealized doctrine is predicated on the mystical Kurdish character of Kawa by ascertaining that all of the Kurdish people need to be a modern Kawa by committing a heavy self-sacrifice to attain the light shining upon the dreadful mountains of Kurdistan.

The heavy self-sacrifice not only one with materialistic abnegation but it also has to be achieved with spiritual and mental altruism. This creeping idealism forces the most unfortunate people of history, the Kurds, to commit self-sacrifice from the power, the money, and the respect and ultimately from their lives. The Kurdish intelligentsia also fashioned a buzzword for this creeping idea by calling on Kurdish ancestral suffers and calamities as “trauma”. “Kurds have been living and experiencing a trauma” (Look at Bejan Matur for perfect reference), is their magical word for their know and love of Kurdish people. Unfortunately, they are not aware of the century long-lasting cultural and mental genocide they have perpetrating on their own Kurdish people. Their arrogance have reached to it pinnacle as they still asking the Kurdish with their derogatory, immoral and utopian ideals. Recently, in a conference of Kurdish issue in Istanbul in Turkey, which has been a very trendy business, some of Kurdish elites rejoiced their ideals how to give way to their unfiled dreams of communism to be revived. They denounced the Turkish systematic subordination, denial and even massacre of Kurdish identify and culture.  

Their premise lied on the idea that the official Turkish policy of assimilation of Kurdish people has traumatized Kurdish people. The championed freedoms, respect of identify, and allowing cultural heritage of Kurdish is the only way to go. This idea is basically and necessarily true and fundamental. Yet, they are not aware of their own hypocrisies hence they have to confess that they even do not like the Kurds as long as they are not changed in their direction. They want traumatized Kurdish to be their pupils. By being a pupil means another unpredicted and unmeasured longevity suffering for the desperate Kurds to yoke off their religious morals by eradicating their God, their morals, their costumes, their flags and national anthems by subjugating them to the promises of red flag and an new communist manifesto resonating upon Kurdistan Mountains. And without doubt, the remedy they prescripts for Kurdish “trauma” are neither useful nor effective nor are they appropriate and healthy for Kurds at all. What a pity for poor Kurdish sufferers if the physician himself is more traumatized and alienated and more oppressive, assimilation demanding and arrogant than their long-lasting misguided rulers?  



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