August 5, 2010
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Gorran leaders need a coherent vision for the future of the Gorran Movement - By Mufid Abdulla

In the light of the latest interview by Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa with local Gorran television station KNN, in which he advocated the statement that the main positive point after a year of the Gorran Movement was the significant change from the armed struggle with the state which previously existed, to a focused, non-violent, political struggle, I would like to make the following reflections.

Firstly, even though this statement is correct and undeniable, it is a remarkably mild response by Gorran considering all the intimidation they have faced by the KDP and PUK through their media. Gorran has managed exceptionally well in spite of this treatment.

Secondly let us consider the question, what exactly do we need in Kurdish politics? We need to change the way that politics works. We need a new era of politics in Kurdistan, such as in the case that Irish nationalists invented in Northern Ireland. The Gorran Movement needs to prepare and train a new young generation in politics, the economy and the art of negotiation for the sake of the future of our nation. The Gorran Movement also needs to establish that the level of leaders cannot be in their term for more than ten years.

However, it is vitally important that the programs that Gorran promised people and their followers in the 2009/10 election need to be implemented rationally and with an eye to the future. The management of Gorran should not surrender their moral rights to their former PUK leadership who are now working alongside Gorran.

The problem of Kurdistan is that the culture of dependency goes deep and Gorran should strive to improve that situation. Education can be the core of this issue. Education can be run from the cradle to the grave. I recently returned from the capital of China, Beijing, with a group of British academics where as a part of my research it was clearly evident that education and leadership, together with strategy are stepping stones for the prosperity for a country which, in the case of China, could in a few years result in them being at the top of the scale in terms of the global economy.


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