Stop Erdogan’s war against peace and democracy

An open letter to international public opinion, United Nations Security Council, the US government and the European Union:

The civilians of Kurdistan have suffered decades of war. They are exhausted by dictatorship, terrorism, genocide and forced migration. After the Islamic State attack on the region followed by peshmarga resistance and the monumental battle in Kobane, this conflict acquired an international dimension, generating empathy and support in the international community for the Kurds.

At this historic moment when all the Kurdish forces, from north to south and from east to west, have joined the international forces against Islamic State terrorism, when Kurds are at the frontline of this war, playing a major role in thwarting IS threat on regional and international security, Erdogan’s Turkey has opened a new front against the Kurds.

This military adventure of Turkey forces another dangerous and unwanted war on the Kurds. For over a year the Turkish state has provided overt and covert support to this terrorist group. After the failure of Erdogan’s sultanic aspirations in the last election, he has sent his war machine to southern Kurdistan, killing civilians and destroying homes.

The issue of human rights and Kurdish national rights, in every part of Kurdistan, is a political issue. History shows that no regional state has been able to resolve this issue by using force and political violence. The only road to peace is through peace, not war. The persistence of this kind of violent politics not only brings the Turkish nation into a bloody conflict, it also means setting the region on fire to add to the large fire which the Islamic State has started for the region and the whole world.

We believe that this war is as much a danger to peace and stability in this region as it is a danger to the democratic process in Turkey. It is an attempt to destroy the peoples’ democratic achievement in Turkey which expressed itself on June 7, through the ballot box.

Through this letter we, writers and journalists in Kurdistan and our friends around the world, condemn Turkey’s war-waging politics against the Kurdish nation. We ask the United Nations Security Council, the US government and the European Union to use political pressure and diplomacy to constrain Turkey’s militant politics against the Kurds.

Aras Fatah, Writer, Iraqi Kurdistan
Dr. Mariwan Kanie, Writer and Academic, Holland
Rebin Hardi, Writer, Iraqi Kurdistan
Dr. Choman Hardi, Writer and Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Aram Ali, Artist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Rauf Begard, Writer, Iraqi Kurdistan
Aram Saed, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Ata Mufty, Designer, United Kingdom
Marwan Ali, Poet, Syrian Kurdistan
Halim Yusif, Writer, Syrian Kurdistan
Badirxan Ali, Writer and researcher, Syrian Kurdistan
Muhsin Saida, Writer and director of Madarat Kurd, Syrian Kurdistan
Rajaa Bin Salama, Academic, Tunisia
Fathulla Hussaini, Poet, Syrian Kurdistan
Nareen Dirki, Poet and translator, Syrian Kurdistan
Aziz Tabsi, Writer, Syria
Hussain Omar, Writer, Syria
Faisal Abu-Almajd, Activist, Syria
Dhahi Ashur, Writer, Syria
Farasfuras Yunis, Political Critic, Syria
Ghalib Al-Arbu, Political Activist, Syria
Dr. Hin Sibrani, Political Activist, Syria
Michael Syrug, Writer, Syria
Atallah Mleeh, Political Activist, Syria
Abu-ali Salih, Political Activist, Syria
Badirxan Ali, Writer and Journalist
Abdulazim Arbu, Political Activist
Jida’n Abu-Maghthab, Writer, Syria
Ibrahim Al-Yusif, Poet and writer, Syria
Iman Hamidan, Writer, Lebanon
Hisham Dawd, Researcher, France
Omar Farhan Al-Iso, Political Activist, Canada
Tommy Flugt, Poet, Denmark
Naomi Jaffa, Poet, United Kingdom
Dr. Sherko Kirmanj, Senior Lecturer, Malaysia
Hayder Said, Writer- Researcher, Iraq
Dr. Hawar Moradi, Medical Doctor, Sweden
Nat Hall, Poet & Educationalist, Scotland
Tara Jaff, Musician, United Kingdom
Shiereen Saib, Political Scientist, Iraq
Aso Kamal, Political Activist, United Kingdom
Kathy Hubbard, freelance festival organiser, United Kingdom
Alan Buckley, Poet and Psychotherapist, Oxford
Dr. Barbara Lakeberg, political scientist & human rights activist, USA
Melissa Cowell, English lecturer, United Kingdom
Wendy McNeill, Musician/Writer, Canada
Bakhcha Mohammed Program Manager, The Netherlands
Amy L. Beam, American human rights activist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Welat Zeydanlioglu, managing editor of the Kurdish Studies journal, Sweden
Azad aziz. Clinical Trials Manager NHS, United Kingdom
Dr Aram Rafaat, Senior Lecturer, Malaysia
Dalia Amin, Humanitarian Activist, USA
Dr. Seevan Saeed, Department of politics at University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Ceren Şengül, PhD candidate, United Kingdom
Deniz Ekici, Independent Researcher, USA.
Hewa S. Khalid,  Lecturer in Kurdish language at Koya University, Iraqi Kurdistan
Andrew Copson, President of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, United Kingdom
Gona Saed, Women’s Rights Activist, United Kingdom
Shamiran Said, Student, Sweden
Dinko Delic, Poet, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dr. Derya Bayir, Academic, United Kingdom
Dr Eszter Spät, researcher, Germany - Hungary
Pippa Little, Poet, United Kingdom
Peshraw Namo, Activist, United Kingdom
Dr Özlem Galip, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Oxford
Dr. Murat ISSI, Panteion University-Greece
Erkan Karaçay, Columnist, Turkey
Carol Benedict, Independent researcher & human rights activist, USA
Bob Mole, United Kingdom
Penelope Shuttle, Poet, United Kingdom
Kareem Abdulrahman, journalist, United Kingdom
Margot Werner, artist, United Kingdom
Dr. Manuel Barrera, Metropolitan State University, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Mediya Rangi, PhD Candidate, Australia
Dr Shannon Brincat, academic, Australia
Shiler Amini, PhD Candidate, Exeter University
Fateh Saeidi, PhD student, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Hardy MEDE, lecturer in Political Science, France
Roa Husein, Writer, Norway
Susan Pearce, Writer & Mother, New Zealand
Said Shams, Lecturer in Soran University, Iraqi Kurdistan
Dr. Goran Abdulla, Physician and Public Health Researcher, UK
Dr. Wendy Hamelink, Researcher/writer, the Netherlands/Turkey
Sacha Alsancakli, PhD student at La Sorbonne university, France
Dr Joanna Bocheńska, researcher, Jagiellonian University, Poland
Senem Guneser, Journalist, Belgium
Nawzad Jemal, Department of Philosophy at the University of Salahadeen, Iraqi Kurdistan
Margaret Owen, Human Rights Activist, United Kingdom
Robert Alan Jamieson, writer, Edinburgh
Susanne Bobzien FBA, philosopher, Oxford, United Kingdom
Dr. Behrooz Chamanara, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Seminar für Iranistik, Germany
Clare Pollard, Poet, United Kingdom
Pamela Robertson-Pearce, Artist, United Kingdom
Nathalie Teitler, Artist, United Kingdom
Shwan Atuf, Artist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Dana Asaad, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Kemal Chomani, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Aso Jabbar, Writer and Journalist, US
Tara Twana, Member of Regional Council, Sweden
Ala Latif, Journalist and lecturer, Iraqi Kurdistan
Ahmad Mira, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Sara Qadir, Journalist and lecturer, Iraqi Kurdistan
Rahman Gharib, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Dr. Ibtisam Ismael, Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Kajaw Jamal, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Viak Kamal, Artist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Nabaz Goran, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Shorsh Khalid, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Atta Muhammad, Human Rights Activist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Rubar Khalid, Human Rights Activist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Hiwa Omar, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Shwan Muhammad, Journlist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Awara Hussain, Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Nabaz Jamal, Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Jamal Muhammad Amin, Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Rahand Rauf, Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Farhad Jalal, Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Ayub Muhammad Tayib, Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Mahdi Abubakir, Academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
Vian Faraj, Iraqi Kurdistan
Khanim Rahim, Director of Asuda Shelter, Iraqi Kurdistan
Niaz Hamid, Writer, Iraqi Kurdistan
Kamal Rauf, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Zanko Ahmad, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Aland Mahway, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Sartip Qashqayee, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Suud Hashim, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Farman Sidiq, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Khalid Sleman, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Yasin Taha, Writer- Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Asos Hardi, Journalist, Iraqi Kurdistan
Ardalan Hardi Managing Editor,

August 10, 2015
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