August 26, 2009
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The Health of Politics - By Dr. Goran Zangana

In the heat of the debate about who should be what in the next Kurdistan Regional Government and the leadership of the Parliamant in Kurdistan, something important went unoticed and neglected. The health of those public figures that will be the future decision makers of Kurdistan didnt get a share in the attributes of the people under considertation.

Once individuals become public figures, nothing, yes nothing, should remain secret and not accessable to public scrutiny and examination. As much as this is important when it comes to the personal belongings and financial accounts of those public figures, it is not less so for their health status and medical records.
Politics is conducted in Kurdistan behind a veil of ignorace. This needs to end. Transparency is crucial for an active participation of people in the decision making process. Those public figures that ascend to the highest position of government and Parliamen should be courageous and confident of themselves enough to disclose their belonging, financial assets and medical records before they assume their position in government.

The discolsure of the health related information of he public figures will have two important advantages;

First, it serves the prospect of trasparency in the conduct of the work of the government. If we press now for the disclosure of the health information of public figures, it may be easier to push for similar steps when it comes to personal belongings and financial assets.

Second, the disclosure of the health information of public figures could be an effective tool in increaing the knowledge about many neglected conditions and diseases in the society. This would raise the awareness of people about illnesses and health in general. If public figures are open enough about their personal health conditions, reaching out to them through the media to talk about those condidtions and ways of preventing or coping with them could prove a critical tool in combating illness and promoting health.

We need to know who are those who lead us into the future, we have the right to be introduced to their health status, illnesses and bad behaviors. It takes a healthy person to think healthy and to make sound decisions in politics.

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