September 19, 2009
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The cyclical wheel of a Kurdish Universe - By Ara Alan

The Kurds cry out in their songs, of the cycles of the universe. How that the fortunes of the wheel have not been in their favor; visible in the deep pain they felt from the hands of their oppressors, and the ignorance of those who claim mortal authority.   

As the past 80 years have unraveled themselves, one could easily conclude perhaps the Kurdish songs are right. Possibly the spinning of the universe and the fortune of the Kurds have been at odd with one another.

How else can one explain: as the nations of the world gained their independence; the Kurds were forced into a cycle of division, violence and betrayal?  How can borders be drawn, fences put up, landmines planted and families divided, all while the great Nations spoke of the rights of self-determination, national liberation and human rights declaration?

How a nation could be shrouded? How can a culture be unconstitutional?  How can thousands of villages be destroyed? Towns leveled? People gassed and mass executed?  How could one be promised eternal life in the heavens for killing Kurds? How can a nation be recognized as second class citizens? How can? How can, has been the question asked millions of times by millions of Kurds while looking up to the stars.

The Kurds are not new to this world. Their traditions date back more than 8000 years. They are a people with a strong sense of pride in their historical and cultural traditions. That has earned them the labels such as: bravery, nobility and tolerance.  All those that have traveled through Kurdistan speak of their hospitality and Kindness.

The Kurds have given much to humanity.  They were among the first to plant agriculture and domesticate Animals.  They extracted metals from rocks. They settle into villages and establish what we call a society.  They were among the first to lay the foundation of civilization.  They studied the stars and nurtured Zoroastrianism and laid the foundation for modern religions.  They, the Kurds, librated the Jews from Babylon, and their Majis welcomed the birth of Jesus as with gifts. They reinvented Islam through Sufism and took it further east.  In a way the Kurds have touched as all. Directly or indirectly, they have impacted our lives!

Despite the Kurdish acceptance and tolerance for all those that have passed through, today it is their culture and identity that is not being accepted on their own land.  In the past 80 years Kurdish people and culture has been put under enormous pressure.  Today it seems as if the fortune of the wheel is slowly rotating back in favor of the Kurds.  As if the universe seems to favor the Kurds again.

In reality it is the persistence of the Kurdish people and their steadfast on their right that has elevated some of that pressure.  Globalization and active involvement of the global community and frequent rejection of injustice, violence, and persecution had a synergic affect on the rotation of the wheels of their fortune.

Through a universal call for Justice and equality for all to peruse life, liberty and happiness we can rotate the universe.  To create an environment where all nations of the world have the right of self-determination and where all individuals can live happily free from prejudice, torture, and violence.  Look forward to see the days that Kurdish fortune and the wheel of the universe rotate in harmony once again.  Let the Kurds once again contribute to advancement of humanity.


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