October 4, 2006

On two Nazanins


Dr. Kamal Artin

I came across an interesting article about two Nazanins written by David Maynard in irnaian.com. Although he might be right that model Nazanin seeks attention by supporting jailed Nazanin, he did not convince me that she is doing anything different than others who are defending human rights. She happened to be a model whose main job is getting attention of others through her beauty. A lawyer will do the same thing through legal means, a writer through writing, an actor through acting, a reporter through reporting, etc. Such an opposing view to the model Nazanin might be based on the assumption that modeling is a sin. I believe a modern definition of sin should be disrespect for equality and human rights. The jailed Nazanin is the victim of a triple oppression for being a woman, a Kurd, and a citizen of Iran. Supporting Iranian government would be a at least a triple sin per such a definition. Mr. Kadivar, a movie commentator and an online friend, had a very reasonable response to Mr. Maynard’s view point published in the same online Iranian magazine.

I believe Mr. Maynard should consider apologizing to the model Nazanin for advocating the rights of the jailed Nazanin. Such an attitude might encourage other celebrities to take a stance against injustice everywhere. “Wag the dog" might be symbolic for well-off taking advantage of the suffering of the disadvantaged, but I don’t think we are dealing with such a symbol here. As a Kurd, I am very appreciative that an apolitical model takes risks and defends the rights of a jailed Kurdish woman, who is the victim of a brutal and underdeveloped system of governance that has never taken any serious step in promoting gender and ethnic equality in Iran!

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