October 11,  2006

A comment on the Land of the Blind!

By Dr. Kamal Artin

Accidentally I came across the Land of the Blind, a recent movie directed by Robert Edwards. Surprisingly two months after its theatrical release in June, the movie was released to video stores in August 2006. Such a short interval might indicate the unpopularity of the movie, despite a great performance by its main characters: Ralph Fiennes, Donald Sutherland, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Tom Hollander. Maybe questioning the misuse of power by glorious sociopaths is not something that a movie director can count on to attract people. George Orwell would most likely have given this political drama a very good rating, since it is almost a replica of his novel, Animal Farm, in a human zoo.

Edwards differentiates the mindset and behavior of a remorseless sociopath from a decent and remorseful guard very well. While the tyrannical ruler has no respect for anyone, kills as he wishes, and defecates in front of his consultants, the revengeful revolutionary uses own feces to write down his thoughts on his prison cell walls and is as violent as the ruler when he overthrows him! In contrary to them the patriotic guard who had no other option but to show his loyalty to the master in power temporarily by inflicting pain on the prisoner, is deeply saddened and starts sobbing after he beats up the inmate!

Every scene might deserve a critical review; however, I will leave it to the audience to draw their own conclusion. Those who question the integrity of the violent and revengeful political leaders might see a confirmation of their views in this movie. If not everyone, at least those who have experienced the rule of brutal tyrants should see this movie. The most important message of this artwork by Robert Edward is that revengeful and violent politicians are not trustworthy!