October 9, 2006

On Dr. Rice’s visit to S-Kurdistan!

By Dr. Kamal Artin

Recently Dr. Rice, US Secretary of State, visited Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan Regional Government, and encouraged him to be forthcoming in keeping Iraq together and share the Kurdish oil revenue with the rest of the country. Kurdishmedia.com has asked its reader if the Kurds should give up oil and areas outside of KRG. It is no-brainer that every nation is entitled to its rights and should utilize its resources for the health, education, and progress of its people first. Using oil or any other resources on Kurdish land to build Kurdistan first should be no exception. It is also no-brainer that a prosperous Kurdistan will have a moral obligation to help her neighbors too after taking care of herself.

A more interesting question would be to ask how Dr. Rice sees the conflict between the Kurds and their neighbors. As an integrated African American in American society, Dr. Rice might see the success of minorities to be in assimilation, integration, and denial of own ethnic heritage and rights. She might forget that America was and is being built by escapees from their traditional rigid societies. Except for Native Americans and African slaves everyone became an equal escapee member of the new heterogeneous society by choice! The natives and slaves were diluted in the society and unable to be a homogenous force seeking equality and saw their survival in assimilation to the WASP culture.

In case of Kurds living in their homeland, they were forced to accept the domination of their invaders; they have not given up (and will not do so) on their fight for equal rights despite their frequent failures! I do not think Dr. Rice receives such information form Turkish, Persian and Arab governments. Despite being a conservative lady, I don’t think Dr. Rice was disappointed that blacks in South Africa ended the apartheid and allowed the whites to be a minority in their homeland. I assume in her heart Dr. Rice thinks that people should have the right to determine their destiny, even if it is unpleasant for their invaders! If so, she should be courageous and declare that Kurds deserve their independence in all parts of Kurdistan, before they become unifying partners in the troubled Middle East!

Promoting unity for the sake of unity instead of equality is like promoting marriage for the sake of marriage without caring about compatibility. Dr. Rice does not seem to be an advocate of such a marriage in her life, and should not advocate blind unity of Kurds with their neighbors for the sake of a fake stability!

Dr. Artin maintains the website: www.art-in-mind.net

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