December 10, 2012

And It Has All Come To This!! - By Dr. Rashid Karadaghi

Something in the news caught my attention recently like no other, for it summed up, at least in my mind, the tragedy of our people not just today but throughout our history. It marked a new low in the treachery of Kurdish officials who falsely claim to be representing the Kurdish people in Baghdad. It was a great offence to the memory and heroism of more than a quarter million of our Kurdish brethren who have given their life fighting successive, dictatorial Arab Iraqi regimes for almost a century for a free and independent Kurdistan.

It was shocking to me to read the announcement by some members of the Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi Parliament that they might, just might, be able to convince the Iraqi Parliament to agree to include two verses of Kurdish in the new Iraqi national anthem! The story does not end there. A week or so later, a subsequent announcement said that the two lines were reduced to two words (in Kurdish) (three in English). And guess what those words were? “Long Live Iraq”! These Kurdish representatives are without a Kurdish bone in their body, yet they have somehow managed to speak on our behalf to the oppressors in Baghdad. This is the tragedy of the Kurdish people today. A brave nation has lost its compass.

But, then, what is one to expect from leaders who squandered the once-in-a-lifetime chance for declaring a free and independent Kurdistan following Iraq’s liberation in 2003, by rushing to Baghdad and rebuilding the “new” Iraq from the ashes of the old and, thereby, giving a new life to the perpetual nightmare which our people have been living for a hundred years, instead of smashing the head of the snake and ushering in the dawn of a new day for their oppressed people. The mystery of a slave desperately bringing his blood-thirsty master back to life, after being pronounced dead, will remain inexplicable until, someday, the architects of one of the biggest fiascos in our, or any other nation’s, history offer a convincing explanation.

Any Kurd with a little memory of the suffering of his people at the hands of their oppressors for generations would have known that, given the Arab Iraqi mentality, the so-called “new” Iraq would not bee any different from all the other Iraqi regimes since the creation of that country because a snake will always behave like a snake no matter how many skins it sheds. The “new” Iraq we helped, in a big way, to create is now emboldened enough to threaten us with marching all the way to the Kurdistan capital and perpetrate another Anfal against our people. Given the current situation, all we can say is “I told you so”!

There is every indication that the “new” Iraq is making preparations for another Anfal against us, which I believe is coming if Kurdish patriots don’t wake up in time to foil it.  There are many signs that Baghdad would rather repeat that infamous chapter sooner than later, no matter who is running the show there. It is not a question of this leader or that leader, or this group or that group being in power; it is a question of a historical, deep-rooted mentality that is bent on invading other peoples’ land, looting it, subjugating its population and denying them the right to be who they are. This has been their past and will be their future. How can you erase history from a people’s consciousness? This is what they are and we had better believe it. Anyone believing in the miraculous conversion of a wolf into a lamb is in denial of mountains of historical evidence.

Almost one hundred years ago, at the time of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the Kurds were on the verge of attaining their independence but came away empty-handed mainly because of despicable British machinations. One hundred years later, when the United Nations’ membership has swelled to 194, we Kurds have to be content with the possibility of getting the nod from the Iraqi Parliament to include two words in Kurdish in the Iraqi national anthem, thanks to the hard work of our representatives in Baghdad! One just wonders whom these parliamentarians represent, for I don’t believe the Kurdish people want to have anything to do with Iraq, let alone the “honor” of having two lines from their language in its national anthem.

Should one, then, wonder why it is that we haven’t been able to claim our rightful place at the United Nations even though we have a population larger than two-thirds of the member states of that body? Aren’t we at least partly responsible for our own oppression by lending the oppressor a hand in carrying out his dirty deeds? History tells us that no one can be oppressed without his implicit consent.

Imagine! Fighting to free ourselves from our tormentors for a century and paying the heavy price we have been paying for it, and now we are asked to glorify the very country that has been trying to wipe us out off the face of the earth for its entire existence?

I believe that the first step on the long road to freedom and liberation begins when the victim stops willingly singing the praises of his victimizer. It has certainly taken us a lot of blood and tears to still be marching in place.


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