The Increasing Marginalisation of the Gorran Party - By Mufid Abdulla

In light of the recent teacher union election in the south of Kurdistan, the Gorran party has fallen into third place behind the two main parties’ of teachers unions, namely the KDP and the PUK. In some cities like Duhok and Hawler there have been no achievements at all in terms of any ground for optimism. This situation is raising the prospect of an electoral meltdown of the Gorran movement.

The Gorran Party has not only become stagnated since the election of their members in July 2009, but also appears to be going backwards, to the extent that they have forgotten to strive to find their own identity and are still chasing their own tail rather than making any clear progress. Surely, if you aim high, you will not shoot yourself in the foot? Nawshirwan Mustafa, the leader of the Gorran Party, is the main promoter of the ideological philosophy underpinning his movement, yet this is appealing to few voters; otherwise why have they failed to win the trust of teachers, who are considered to be one of the most important layers of Kurdish classes? The Gorran Party’s recent messages and hard work have not paid back in terms of the difficulties which remain in the structure of the organisation. However, dismissing the bigger picture of the whole of society as a cover for their cronies, will only prove to leave the Gorran party with no favours and will just leave the impression that Gorran is a movement for the minority, not the majority of the people.

The Gorran Party has gone so far towards a professional and media based idea of a modern political party but they have lost focus on the importance of organizing and providing leadership in our community to generate positive changes for the people they represent. Effective organisation is about building relationships between people and groups who were previously divided. So let us consider the question of how the Gorran Party can actually go about achieving the building of this relationship with the people:
1.Leadership development; the Gorran Party needs to focus on an organizing academy which will play an important part in this need to urgently review and analyse these results.
2.The culture of the Gorran Party needs to be changed with an increased focus on political rallies and the forming of alliances with local people on local issues such as corruption and sleaze in our society. It seems to me that at present, only the Islamic moderate groups are winning in that direction. Basically, the two teacher unions which are affiliated with the Islamic Union and the Islamic League have achieved more votes than the teacher union (Sardam) affiliated with Gorran.
3.The Gorran Party needs to be weaned away from this culture of giving posts and privileges to just a few people, generally whom are filthy rich. For example, the exgoverner  of Sulaymaniyah who has had hundreds of reports against him from the Audit Office about his sleaze and corruption, is now allied, as well as others in a similar position, to the Gorran movement solely for his own benefits.

Finally, it would be foolish to exaggerate Gorran’s problem. The Gorran movement could face a decade of stagnation akin to the experiences of the PUK and KDP if they do not come out from amongst their hills and bankers soon.


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December 12, 2010
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