December 23, 2007
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United States’ Undeclared War Against Kurds - By Gomer Chia

Peshmerga forces from the West and Central Iraq should be redeployed to defend Kurdistan against Turkish invasion

At a time when the borders of Kurdistan are under imminent attack by Turkey having Kurdish Peshmerga units serving in the West and Central Iraq and leaving our Northern borders undefended is absurd. We have come to a clear realization that the US has joined the Turkish oppressive regime to wage war on Kurds. Therefore, I suggest that all Kurdish military units that are currently serving in Iraqi army in Baghdad, Anbar, Ninavah, sallahudin and Diyala should be called back immediately and redeployed to the Turkish border to confront this Turkish aggression against Kurdistan.

What business do we have in the Arab part of Iraq when our country is under attack? What rewards have we got from the US government for supporting every US initiative in Iraq and acting as their foot soldier for more than four years? What future benefits will we get by supporting their initiatives in the wider Middle East? Frankly not much but betrayal after betrayal! It is highly unlikely that US will ever support us in our drive for self determination. The sooner we realize this the better it is. So, it’s time for us Kurds to look into our own strength and build up our own defenses. We have not chosen the path of confrontation with Turkey. On the contrary it is the Turkish government that is keen on our destruction.

Yes there is a war between Turkey and the PKK. But Turkish government is solely responsible for the continuation of this war as the Kurdish side has made it clear that it is open to dialogue. It is Turkey that has chosen to escalate this conflict and Turkey should pay the price for this aggression.

Turkey has an insatiable desire to repress Kurds be it in Turkey or elsewhere. Turkish leader is on record saying that he is opposed to Kurdish autonomy even if it were in Argentina. What Turkey is doing right now is more than just fighting the PKK. It is undermining the stability of Kurdistan Region of Iraq and attempting to derail the upcoming referendum on the disputed areas around Kirkuk, Mosul, Diyala and Sallahudin provinces.

Turkish solution to the Kurdish problem can be simply summarized as guns guns and more guns. This has been the official state policy since the inception of Turkish republic in 1923. The international community is equally guilty for the crime that Turkey has committed against the Kurds. Key NATO members have given unconditional military and economic assistance to Turkey since 1950s and most of these resources have been used to repress Kurds.

Frankly, we are fed up with this chronic Turkish madness and aggressive behavior against us. We are equally outraged by American duplicity and constant lies about spreading democracy and freedom when all they have ever done is completely the opposite! Kurdish leader should realize sooner than later that America is no friend of the Kurds. Why should we bail them out of the quagmire in Iraq when they are holding us hostage to the Turks? Why should we think that they are our friends when they have joined Turkey to eliminate us?


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