Celebrating Christmas at University of Kurdistan Hewler

Kurdishaspect.com - By Bewar Abdulla

Merry Christmas

On 22nd of December, like previous years, students celebrated Christmas in University of Kurdistan Hewler. Current students, Graduated students and a number of guests participated in the party. However, what differentiated this year’s ceremony from earlier years was the increased number of students. Before UKH was a small family, but now it is a small society.

University of Kurdistan Hewler is diverse society, consists of a relevant amount of students coming from a range different of backgrounds, ethnicities and religion. This has given UKH its color and specialty. Inside UKH campus students regardless of their background have formed a harmonious society.

The celebration was carried out by the Student Union. Students decorated UKH cafeteria with Christmas tree with notes of “Merry Christmas”.  After the Merry-Christmas and Jingle Bell songs, various activities were performed. The party started by a song from a student of UKH Music band. Santa Claus was also present and distributed gifts, then students started Kurdish dance in various styles. Students exchanged gifts among themselves as a symbol of remembrance and The party continued until 6:00 PM.

Marcel a Christian student, talked about the party and asserted “I enjoyed the party and participated actively along with my Muslim and Christian friends.”

Payam Sultan a UG3 student claimed “the party included something new, like exchanging gifts and I saw students were enjoying it along with having Santa Clause there. It’s nice to have activities like that in UKH or in any school. Although the occasion was returning to the Christians, but still all the other religions and nations could participate and have fun there.” she added “you could see not only students, but staffs and workers even the chefs were included in dancing and sharing smiles and happiness without any weirdness”

University of Kurdistan Hewler is known for the spirit of co-existence and tolerance that is present among students and the staff. This small society can be seen as a model of diversity and together living for the wider area, and as a place where differences are respected and similarities celebrated.


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December 29, 2011
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