Turkey lost in space 

June 03, 2006

KurdishMedia.com - By Pir Aso Yarsani

In contrast to the rest of historical Europe and regretfully despite a constant physical presence in Europe, Turks still have not learned from a democratic Europe how to move forward on time by acting accordingly and properly. However, the time when Turks behaved like brutal ravagers more or less are passed by and now they should wake up and realize that they are inevitably enforced to encounter a totally different world of mentality.

It’s a great shame when a third of Turkey’s population has Kurdish origin and at the same time the racial, awful and bloody official policy of denial is what Turkey stands for and represents today. This is thus another indication of hostility towards Kurds embedded in Turkish mentality. Turks shamefully are not even tolerating a sovereign country which is internationally recognized as a legitimate body like Iraq which is a federal state in which bilingualism among other components is lawful and one of its main democratic achievements. It has obvious blinded Turks who don’t want see Kurds at all, wherever they might be now. But in accordance with the Turkish political, financial and military actions it’s up to the Kurdish leadership to respond powerfully and accordingly by acting both tactically and also strategically. Kurds should know that they are more powerful than Turks if they are forced to show what they are stand for. It’s really a challengeable task for Kurds to continue with their peaceful policy despite the Turkish constantly unreasonable threats.

However, while the rest of the Europe is continuously and progressively shining and dynamically changes its policy towards improving the condition of its citizens, Turks are remained unchanged and pretend nothing else is changed. Turks should even for the first time ask themselves questions as:

a) Which folk group was first in that poor part of the world wasn’t the Kurdish people?

b) How long do we need to continue our brutal ill-actions that we have imposed on 20 million Kurds and even some brave open-minded and intellectual Turks?

c) Have we achieved something good at all?

d) Despite our brutality have we been able to dampen the Kurdish nationalistic inspiration or on the contrary we’ve raised their inspiration even more?

e) When do we come to realize that Kurds have showed the world that they are a peaceful people and never ever give up their Human rights?

f) Didn’t the previous powerful and huge states like the Soviet Union and the Yugoslavia gave birth to the many new countries that emerged from the ashes of the same mentality that we have imposed on Kurds?

g) Are we capable of declaring war on Kurds, if so, what are the consequences when we’re surrounded by Kurds from all parts of the country?

h) After so many years of brutality, what other nations think about us, how they really evaluate us as a people with ca 1000 years experience of governing (read misgoverning)?

i) What happens if all Kurds unite themselves against us, can we then afford to resist such a huge pressure?

j) Do we want or need to become a part of the civilized world, the European Europe, if not, are we capable to feed 70 million people alone in this competitive world that is more and more will be governed and facilitated by the European Union?

k) Instead of the policy of aggression, why do not trying to respect Kurds, isn’t that better to strengthen the internal bound or brotherhood inside Turkey?

l) How many Kurds are living in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara that are not known for us because they have deliberately decided to live seamlessly and invisibly from the sight of such police state but they are actually proud Kurds and will react when the Kurdish nation unanimously call for action, so why not recognize and respect them, otherwise they become our invisible enemies that we can not coup with…?

However, the uncivilized Turkish behavior has only strengthened the Kurdish bound or linkage and at the same time shown the world that Turks are lost in the space. Turkey is not anymore important for the USA, because there are undeniably plenty of other countries that can serve and assist the USA as Turkey did during the cold war. Instead for being a political tool or act as fools, it’s much fruitful and beneficial for Turks to respect other citizens and start to build a new respectful relationship by which Kurds gain their equal rights with fellow Turks. A new relationship by which the atmosphere of brotherhood will replace the current animosity which has damaged Turkey and unfortunately have been mainly or entirely felt and still feels by Kurds. Turks that are not respecting and not tolerating even a few Kurdish worlds in the new Iraqi passport is only a sign and indication of not being-in-the-world of rationality and it only damages Turks not Kurds.

Considering the huge body of Kurds (read 40 millions) living inside and outside Turkey, Turks should think and be prepare for facing unpleasant, hatred and most importantly the uneconomically consequences. Finally, the whole world knows that Turkey has no chance to compete equally with the European Union and the question is this: will Turkey continue to remain outside the civilized world or instead enjoy being-in-the-world is the question which Turks should focus on and give an answer before Turkey parts into pieces.