July 16, 2006

Humans for Humanism

Dr. Kamal Artin

Protesting to show disagreement or to gain control is a natural human reaction. Methods used to show such a reaction depends on ones character, upbringing, and physical and emotional well-being. At times one might find interesting symmetric analogies in the spectrum of a humans developmental age.

A helpless infant in the need of food, cleaning, and soothing cries, and so does an introverted elderly who has lost control over bodily functions. A quiet elementary school child teased by peers withdraws from a school perceived as strange, and so does a shy senior adult migrant who has a hard time to find out ways to fit to a new home. An angry masculine middle school child screams, punches the walls, and hits the angrier parent and runs, and so does a rebel middle age adult who destroys the property of a mighty ruler and goes underground. A perfectionist feminine teenager tries to gain control by anorexic behavior, and so does another middle age dissident pacifist who attempts to get the attention of the world of injustice at home by not eating for days! A fired, unemployed, and hurt young adult gives up hope and finds refuge in a bar, and so does another young adult who sees individual roles as insignificant and sells out to participate in the corruption of an unjust system.

Regardless of their developmental stages, flaws, and emotional reactions, I am convinced that an overwhelming majority of humans ultimately tend to be humans and deserve each others support in promoting a humanistic society.