July 31, 2006

THE KURDS - History and Culture

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by Dr.Jemal Nebez

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English Books

Presentation held in German on the 19th September 1997 in the Kurdish Community- House in Berlin, Germany
First published in German in 1997 by: The Kurdish Community House in Berlin, Germany

First publication in English, including a Bio-Bibliography of Jemal Nebez, by: WKA Publications - London 2004

Translated into English by: Hanne Kuchler
Preface by: Dr. Hasan Mohamed Ali
Director of the Board of the Kurdish Community House in Berlin, Germany

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A Glimpse at Jemal Nebez’ Life

Jemal Nebez was born on the 1st of December 1933 in Sulaimaniyah (South Kurdistan) Northern-Iraq as the son of a tolerant Muslim scholar who raised Jemal in several languages and put him on intimate terms with the cultures of the neighbouring peoples. Parallel to attending the state controlled schools in Iraq he had the opportunity to study Islamic law, philosophy and theology with his father and other scholars of the country. This study demanded a very good knowledge of the Arabic and Persian languages and their respective literatures.

Jemal very soon noticed, while still a student, that not only the political situation of the Kurdish people but also the Kurdish language were problematic. If the political situation was to change, the Kurdish people had to be enlightened by means of their own languange, including a reform of the Kurdish language.

Jemal studied physics and mathematics at the Science Faculty, and pedagogy at the Teacher Training Faculty of the University of Baghdad in the first half of the 1950s. The teaching aids at the time were in English, a language he had learned in Elementary and Secondary School and kept on learning at Baghdad University. During that period of time he read several works by...More in the book of "THE KURDS - History and Culture"