August 13, 2006

Turkey and Iran Shelling Kurdish areas

Sunday August 13, 2006 ( - Awene has reported that Turkey and Iran have started shelling PKK hideouts inside Iraqi Kurdistan. The artillery shells started whistling down from Iran and Turkey early this Sunday morning pounding the Villages, blowing apart their homes and livestock in the towns of Khnera, Lolan and Khwakoork. Hundreds of Kurds had to flee their homes.

Meanwhile Turkey and Iran’s government are amassing thousands of troops along the Iraqi border. According to the Turkish online newspaper Zaman, the number of Turkish troops deployed in the country’s south-east near the Iraqi border has recently been increased to 200,000.

Some analysts say that besides sealing off their borders to the guerrillas, both Iran and Turkey may be trying to intimidate Iraqi Kurds. The Iranians and Turks fear Kurdish success in creating an autonomous region in northern Iraq, and the prosperity of their enclave could encourage their own Kurdish minorities

The Kurdistan region is the most stable and prosperous area in Iraq.