August 19, 2006

Criticizing Iraqi government on PKK

The Kurdish Globe

Mahmoud Othman, Kurdistan Alliance member of the Iraqi National Assembly, has stated that the decision of the government to close PKK headquarters in Iraq is wrong.

“Turkey does not recognize the right of 20 million Kurds in Turkish Kurdistan and that is why it is unacceptable that we should close PKK headquarters on the request of the Turkish government,” Osman insisted.

The Iraqi government should have sought the opinion of the KRG and Iraqi National Assembly prior to making this decision, because this issue has a special relevance for the Kurds.

Whilst it is true that Ankara, for the purposes of maintaining the integrity of the Turkish-Iraqi border, should discuss the PKK issue with the Iraqi government, they must also discuss it with the Kurdistan Regional Government, because that particular part of the border belongs to the Kurdistan Region.

Osman called on all Kurdish officials and representatives not to support the Iraqi government’s decision regarding PKK.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Secretary of Finland, which currently holds the presidency of the European Union, has stated that Turkey should not resort to military action in dealing with the PKK operating from within the Kurdistan Region.