August 20, 2006


Six Kurdish lawyers to appear in Anfal Kurdish genocide case

By Abdul-Hamid al-Zibari


Arbil, Aug 20, - At least six Kurdish lawyers are to appear on behalf of anti-Kurdish Anfal campaign victims on the first session of the case in which Iraqi former president Saddam Hussein would stand trial on August 21, Kurdistan Lawyers Union Secretary-General said on Sunday.

“Five to six Iraqi Kurdish lawyers out of 36 nominated by Kurdistan Lawyers Union are preparing to attend the first session of Iraqi former president Saddam Hussein's trial in Anfal case due to start on Monday,” Kaka Rash al-Naqshabendi said in a statement to the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

Many lawyers showed a desire to appear before the court on behalf of the Kurdish victims of anti-Kurdish Anfal campaign, he said.

“We chose only 36 lawyers depending on years of experience and mastery of Arabic, the official language of the court,” Naqshabendi said.

“We have submitted credentials of 36 lawyers to the Higher Iraqi Criminal Tribunal trying former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in Anfal case and each session is to be attended by some of those lawyers,” added Naqshabendi.

All the lawyers volunteered to appear on behalf of the victims in the case sessions.

The court is to start the trial on Monday August 21 after making all evidence available for the defendants' lawyers and all relevant parties were notified of the date.

Saddam and Ali Hassan al-Majeed (Chemical Ali) are the most prominent defendants in Anfal case.

The anti-Kurdish Anfal campaign was mounted in 1988 by the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein. Deadly gases were reported to be used in the campaign.
About 182,000 Kurdish men and women were arrested in that campaign and their fate was unknown until the bodies of some of them were found in mass graves in southern Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein regime in 2003.