September 23, 2006

Kirkuk must be recognized as part of South Kurdistan

Book Review - "Kirkuk Kurdistan" by Steve Tataii

Kirkuk has been and must be recognized as a part of South Kurdistan to assure the safety and national security of the 5 million Kurds living there and other areas of its inseparable body of S.. Kurdistan homeland territory from time immemorial for how long the nation of Kurds must bleed by the few usurper vultures until the Civilized World decides to recognize them as an Independent state? Or are the Kurds to remain in the same bloody quagmire for another 84 years, even now that all freedom loving nations agree; that South Kurdistan should have been declared Independent once the manufactured Iraq of the1920s was finally Liberated on April 2003.

As Kurds have made it clear; Kurdistan is not Iraq now nor was it ever considered to be under Arab Iraq, as this was the British and Frances idea, partitioning it into Four parts against the League of Nations Treaty of Serves and after Genocides were committed by their new agent [Turkeys murderous Kemal Ataturk’s regime], when Kurdish political Leaders in North Kurdistan were eliminated one by one, and as Great Britain with its air power also attacked Sheikh Mahmood and his freedom fighters in South Kurdistan. 

As noted in the documentary at the end of this article; Great Britain even used chemical weapons in Iraq. Mr. Jaafari is causing Obstruction of Justice in implementing TALs article 58: Mr. Ja’afari as PM in the new Arab Government must pay close attention to his speech. It appears that Mr. Ja’afari and many other World Leaders have once again turned a blind eye on the very existence of the great nation of South Kurdistan and Kurdish people
for reasons too obvious to ignore, and no doubt, influenced by a centralized International Corporate worlds senseless guidance he fears to disobey, unless otherwise he is acting on his own or on behalf of other Iraq and pan-Arab Leaders. This Corporate World neither has the wisdom nor is it capable of caring, lacking a human face, rather it is the driving force behind the New World Order, and its new version of Colonialism morphed as its clone known to have become: Globalization. In short, The Corporate World is only after economic gains. It uses our superpowers leadership to carry out its demands as if they were toys operated with remote control in their Corporate World hands, which has always been a hidden entity with often hastily known figureheads, whose identities have been conveniently concealed by the articulate worlds Controlled major Media.

The same Media, which has been fabricating a title for Kirkuk and call it: the little Iraq; to distort its pure and true Kurdish territorial identity, fueling a civil war against Kurds, while promoting another false political analogy; that Turkey and Iran are to attack Kurds of South Kurdistan if it is declared an Independent State. What a childish analogy; while Iran prays to be spared of a possible air strike campaign against its nuclear facilities, and Turkey must stay clean as a civilized and peaceful state to get its chance of EU membership, let alone suggesting of acts as an aggressive neighbor, would invade the Sovereign nation of South Kurdistan if it becomes an independent state.

This is only one example of Kurdish peoples enemies busy minds at work, spreading not only false rumors, and then apologize, but also making mind boggling analogies. Turkey & Iran would become more secure with an independent S. Kurdistan: Turkey and Iran would have no reason to interfere with the Independence of S. Kurdistan, because they would immediately become targets for illegal invasions, dealt with by U.S. and other U.N. member states, and also face the stiffest Kurdish resistance. It would clearly be a political suicide for both regimes, as well as a foolish and unprovoked war regardless of having Kurdish citizens under their present territorial jurisdiction or not.

Those enemies of Kurds have tried to paint a low opinion of Kurdish culture and its peace loving people. What makes them believe; that there has to be independence for the other three parts of Kurdistan at once, when each can thrive for their own independence or autonomy on their own. Do we have one Independent Arab state? No, in fact there are a total of 22 Arab states. In addition to that; Kurds of S. Kurdistan have been virtually Independent since 1992. Therefore, the few paid reporters and their news agencies should get their facts straight or they too shall be brought to international courts of Justice as dishonorable journalists practicing irresponsible and malicious dissemination of the news and macabre political gibberish at attempts to start new wars.

One last thing: Those world leaders, including some from our own U.S. administration, putting Kurdish leaders on the spot to say or do things against their Kurdish national identity best be certain; that this time Kurds will not fall into the same trap as in the past. The forced idea of not flying only the Kurdish flag in the recent opening day of Kurdish Parliament and pronouncement of Iraq rather than Kurdistan have and will continue to be an out loud disgrace by any nation, which appears not to have its own sense of identity clearly recognized, hence demeaning that of one of the proudest nations, the Kurds. The same Kurds, whose homeland has been unjustly partitioned by the same coward usurpers with established military and governments, ganging up on the single peace loving Kurdish nation, which has stood up on its own feet, surviving in the continued 84 years of wars and crimes against humanity brought upon the precious Kurds since 1915 by the aforesaid Uncivilized and Vulture States claiming as civilized; merely to steal Kurdish oil from Kirkuk and control Kurdish water resources of Tigris and Euphrates.

The key question remaining is that: Will they ever learn from their evil deeds, and use civilized ideas, or are they all slaves to their own greed and that of their masters: the Corporate World, causing collateral damages to appease their Globalization agendas? By allowing the birth of two new nations of S. Kurdistan in the North, and Arabistan in the South; the peace and security in the region for this two war torn nations will be permanent. This is the only way possible to stop the insurgencies, and eradicate the flow of foreign fighters from entering into the unsecured borders.

Once again, as I wrote in my last years related article, mark my words for it: This is the best solution for all parties. The Kurds have oil in Kirkuk the same way as Saudis have oil in Saudi Arabia. Who is to tell us; that Kurds can’t benefit from their own national wealth theirs from time immemorial for over 12,000 years, but Saudi Arabs can benefit from theirs? The British and France, like they did in the 1920s ? Weren’t they the ones, who started all these wars? They were indeed. It should be U.K. and France therefore, to push for an Independent Kurdish state more than any other government, as a beginning to repair the destruction they have left behind since the 1920s.

They should have the human dignity and honor to admit to their past leaders mistakes in being anti-Kurd rather than letting their egos and greed silence the crucial historical facts, critical to support an independent S. Kurdistan without further delays. I call upon them to do so not because of what I wrote in this article to remind them about the vital facts, creating the present devastated Kurdish nation, but because it is the only right thing left for them to do if they mean well.

So far the two main British agents: Paul Harvey and Leanne Sanders during the 2003-2004 have caused over two years of delay in Reversing the ethnic cleansing against the Kurds since 1968 known as Arabization in Kurdish city of Kirkuk, a malicious act committed under the nose of our own Ambassador Paul Bremer, the Administrator of the Coalition of Provisional Authority or CPA. It is beyond any defender of human rights and peace loving world citizens mind, to try and guess why Mr. Bremer kept them at their responsible capacities, knowing the fact that they were anti-Kurd, appeasing the 10,000 dinar Arabs sent by Saddam.

The longer we have waited, the more difficult it has become to execute TAL’S article 58. After all, didn’t Mr. Bremer know; that it was the British government itself, which first used chemical weapons against the people of Iraq by 1920 as the following published news commentary article by Jonathan Glancey indicates? Guardian, April 19, 2003: Our last occupation Gas, chemicals, bombs: Britain has used them all before in Iraq Jonathan Glancey, April 19, 2003